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Saturn is retrograde close to half the time. This teaches us that we are meant to be reflecting on our long-term commitments, and making sure they resonate, almost half of the time. Then, the rest of the time we are meant to be determined and focused on our long-term goal.Saturn-

The larger process of Saturn takes us back to our fears, and unfolding them internally, toward things more eternal. Meaning, most of the things we have committed to are based on a certain expectation of “lack”. This refers back to our own insecurities and fears.

For example, how many people are truly committed to bringing out their highest purpose and vision? And instead, how many are just trying to make sure they have enough money to survive, from a point of view of “hanging on”?

With Saturn, we feel time passing as we see people get older, people die, and we start to truly evaluate the time we have and the contributions we can make, or that we are not making. This painful awareness is either a catalyst for greatness or cowardice.

Ultimately, a powerful Saturn leads us to solitude, sensitivity and introspection. We give up the illusion that somehow the world is going to save us, or someone in the world will save us. The wispy promise of worldly happiness through other people, experiences, travel or whatever keeps us bound to the ego, the earth and time itself. We need to grow up about this and become mature. Facing the (not so) harsh realities of Saturn brings this maturity and makes life meaningful.

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