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Saturn Retrograde and More for the Next Few Months

Saturn is now retrograde – Mars will soon also be retrograde (both in Scorpio) – and Jupiter is already retrograde in Leo. Now the real inner work on yourself begins. Since Mars entered Scorpio on February 21, there has been more frustration, anxiety and pressure around Scorpio themes:

  • transforming and stabilizing our irrational emotional fears
  • controlling situations and people in order to manage those fears
  • cultivating deeper devotion and emotional courage

Saturn shows the consequences and the pain of our mistakes in these areas, and Mars is trying to summon the courage to change them. But sadly our response is to try to confront, challenge or change an outer circumstance or person, rather than the source of the problem: our maniacal ego. When Saturn and Mars both go retrograde in Scorpio, the futility of our external efforts are revealed and bring a lot of pain that shows us the things that are our fault .. which is pretty much all of it. It is called Karma. You are doing all of it, and always have. Sorry, but you can’t believe that you are “The Goddess” or the “Divine Self” AND also be a victim of circumstance. Well, you can but it is delusional.

It is time to put away all of the pretty faces so many New-Agers put on their problems. Once you grow up, all of your problems are your fault and yours to change. That is true liberation. It is your cunning ego that claims to be “All Powerful” in one sentence then blames others for your problems in the next. These ridiculous stories keep you trapped and always have. It is called the wheel of “Samsara”. This is not confusing. Everything you need and are looking for is available to you every moment, but you are not present to it. You are present to the tapestry of BS weaved by your cowardly ego. It is time to face the truth (Saturn) and have the courage (Mars) to destroy this inner fiction. The only way to do this is some kind of authentic spiritual practice (Sadhana) that in one way or another leads to solitude, rather than clinging to another person or cause as the focal point of your life.

Underneath it all, the ego just wants one thing: Attention / Validation that it Exists and is Real. Ignoring the ego leads to the death of the ego. But like a child, the ego first tries to get attention and what it wants by doing the “good” behaviors it has learned. If that fails, it will do something bad / explode / coerce / threaten with a tantrum / using all of the power it has, to get its way and the attention it needs to survive. Mars gives the courage and capacity to be disciplined and destroy this pathological monster in all of us – YES IN YOU – and do the right things each moment. Saturn gives us the commitment to do those things over and over again, not just once in a while.

My Guru Amma describes the pain of transformation and the beauty that results with an analogy. In order to create a great sculpture, the artist must chip away the stone with a sharp chisel, piece by piece. Over time, and with great effort, a beautiful piece of art emerges from within that rough stone.

Mars is the sharp chisel.
Saturn is the effort over time, chipping away piece by piece.
Of course – You are the work of art.

So, its game on now for about 5 months at least.

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