Saturn in ScorpioSaturn in Scorpio – Concentrating our Emotional Energy

Saturn does not do very well in Scorpio / Mars ruled signs – because Mars is willful and erratic, whereas saturn is careful and cautious.

Mars (the ruler of Scorpio) is about personal strength and will, and Saturn shows how we become aware of our our limitations, including the limited use of strength and will.

This can be frustrating for Scorpio. Given that Scorpio is an emotional sign, this means “emotional frustration”. Saturn is also a planet of control, and again, this means “emotional control” when in Scorpio. of course, controlling the emotions is really not the best way to live. When we lack self-control, we usually try to control others. This is a big problem for Scorpio, and must be guarded when Saturn is there, or influencing.

Yet, the limitations of Saturn shows the capacity for introspection and self-mastery, once our fears are internalized and focused on, rather than objectified externally.

The Tamasic nature of both Saturn and Scorpio show this to be a placement where we must overcome difficulty and stress and work hard to destroy our emotional pain, toward the goal of greater self-awareness and solitude.

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