Saturn in Sagittarius – When Saturn is in Sagittarius it shows a time to commit to what inspires us (Sagittarius), rather than what we fear (Scorpio).

This focus is akin to an archer steadying his gaze on the target with composure.

In order to hit the mark in life we need a target. Sagittarius is the sign where we are looking to aim higher than just the daily concerns of life, the problems and pleasures of the world that tend to boggle us down. Our life has a purpose. In order to feel like we are fulfilling that purpose we need to change our beliefs from time to time and commit to other ones, based on new information and experience (Gemini).

Saturn shows the willingness to face the hardships of life and persevere through the difficulty because some things are worth the trouble – worth the TIME – and we do not have unlimited time.

As we gain experience facing problems, we become less reactive and develop grace under pressure. This eventually brings a level of calm and cool when stressed, which allows us to keep going and staying focused on what is important.

When Saturn is in Sagittarius there is often a calm and composed commitment to reaching our life goals, like the steely calm of the archer who has taken great care to make sure his aim is true and his hand unwavering. But there could also be a rigid application of our current beliefs and a “doubling down” on Dogma.

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