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Saturn and Sun Conjunction

When the sun and Saturn are joined it brings together these two forces that are somewhat opposite and somewhat similar to each other.

Often in the ancient texts when they discuss the effects of of different transits first the sun is discussed, then they say “Saturn is just like Sun”. The sun and Saturn are very similar in motivation – to assume responsibility and handle pressure. Saturn is motivated to handle pressure because all go the problems we can avoid. Whereas the Sun assumes responsibility because of all of the good we can do.

Saturn realizes all of the problems we have in life, including our life ending, and the capacity to overcome those problems and persevere. Knowing these dangers bring stress and worry, which which leads us to try to control circumstances (or maybe people). This quality of Saturn reveals the shortcomings in all areas of life and may make us not even begin an undertaking if we think there is a potential for failure.

The Sun realizes all of the good we can do with the power we have. We experience this as a guiding vision that is not deterred by the problems or hardships in life. The main currency of the Sun is our personal identity and how we experience that, usually as “integrity” – that enduring sense of self that is not beholden to different situations and roles with others. When we do not know ourselves our identity shifts form situation to situation and we feel lost.

When Saturn and Sun come together we feel the pressure the execute this vision and not fail. We may notice all of the potential pitfalls and blows to our identity that may come if we fail.

Saturn and Sun Conjunction – Video

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