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Sagittarius Full Moon – Solstice Cycle coincides this year. The Full moon brings into question the power of the Sun and Moon – with both of them bright – with the masculine and feminine both strong. In this case, along the Gemini / Sagittarius axis / principle.Sagittarius Full Moon - Solstice Cycle - Video

Now is a time for the intellect to be united with the bigger picture – and harmonizing that with the need to make sense of your personal philosophies, intellectually.

This Full moon comes just a day before the Summer Solstice, which now (based on precession) is happening as the Sun passes through the Plane of the Galaxy. The alignment of those 2 things (the solstice and the Galactic Plane) is what precipitated the Mayan calendar resetting.

Sagittarius Full Moon – Solstice Cycle – Video

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