Ride the waves of uncertainty to the depths of your soul.

There are several shifts happening now, which are quite important. First, we just closed the recent eclipse cycle, which was pretty transformative for everyone. The recent full moon in Leo really pumped us up with our own emotional pride. Combined with exalted, retrograde Venus in Pisces (*cough* – escapism) joined debilitated Mercury (not communicating clearly with ourselves and others), there is a strong temptation to just tune it all out and tell ourselves what we want to hear. Not to mention, Mars in Aries is ready to fight, and “be right”.

All that is fine, as long as we actually are right. If we get the story right, then instead of escaping from reality, we escape into the truth. Escapism takes many forms. Some of the most “spiritual people” are the most disconnected from the “harsh” realities. They actually escape from the painful reality of their own existence into a “spiritual story”.

Be careful of this “Spiritual passing” now, because things are about to get very real – especially with Saturn, who is stationed now, and about to turn retrograde.

Get Real With Career Guidance – Career Reading?
This recent full moon in Leo, combined with the Saturn station (detailed below) is a great time to recalibrate your goals, commitments and contributions. I am offering 30 minute assessments on your career, at this page here. Check it out Here

Intense Week Ahead
We have a pretty intense week ahead, with the moon passing through Libra, Scorpio and then Sagittarius, joined Saturn. In my March 2017 forecast I described this week like this:

March 15-19 – Moon influenced by Mars. There will be a heavy Mars influence on the moon now, with Mars aspecting the moon on March 15 and 16th, bringing emotional frustration with others and a high potential for arguments. Then in Scorpio, debilitated, March 17–19, showing stress and vulnerability, which could lead to emotional power struggles. Expect that your relationship with intimate partners will feel strained now, so don’t take things too personally. Instead, throw yourself into your work and your spiritual practices.

March 20-21 – Moon / Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius now brings together the optimism of Sagittarius, with the seriousness and focus of Saturn. Since the end of January, our long-term focus has shifted from our fears to our inspirations. Although things may seem bleak at times, we are now re-inspired and reinvigorated. Allow the seriousness and potential stress of Saturn to be a catalyst for a recommitment to your purpose and Dharma now.

Feeling Pressure: Saturn Stationary Retrograde
the last week or so we have been feeling the pressure mounts, as Saturn is what’s called “stationary retrograde”. It means Saturn is about to go retrograde, and before he does he completely stops in the sky at 1°. That is 3° of Sagittarius. Anyone with planets there, or at 3° Virgo, Gemini or Aquarius will be feeling quite a bit of pressure right now.

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