This quick video gives an important overview of the Rahu and Ketu, showing a few of the most important qualities that I will discuss in the upcoming quick videos.

Rahu and Ketu Important Details – Video

Important Qualities of the Nodes

  • Confusion – They are forces that create confusion, to ensure that we will not listen to others – and therefore take action based on our own authority. 
  • Won’t Listen – As was said, they are the part of us that will not listen to reason. Ketu becausrah-ket56e of a “been there, done that” attitude – and Rahu because we are going to keep making the same mistakes until WE decide we have had enough. 
  • Shapeshifting – This relentless individuality also allows them to morph into anything and consider any option as a possibility.
  • Genius – This outside of the box thinking leads to enormous genius, if harnessed correctly.
  • Hiding / Rebelling – Ketu has a hiding, hidden quality that is overlooked. Rahu has a rebellious active nature.
  • Adult / Child – Ketu is like the disapproving parent with us – the opressive and often hidden voice of the past. Rahu is the immature child rebelling against it. Eventually as Rahu matures he unites with Ketu, bringing more compassion around the calcified certainty of Ketu.   
  • Deep Splits – The house and sign axis of the Nodes show a deep split in our nature, a polarity that needs to be united. 

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