When the nodes join Venus, it is an interesting situation because Venus is said to be the teacher of the nodes.

Rahu / Ketu and Venus


venus planetRahu / Venus

Venus/Rahu will actually excite our desires quite a lot. Venus is the planet of our conscious desires—meaning, the things that we actively express, what makes the senses feel good, what we are attracted to, what turns us on and things like that. Venus is the energy that makes the senses enjoyable, makes food taste good or sex feel good, all that fun stuff comes from Venus. But these are actual tangible things.

Rahu is the subconscious imagined things. It is kind of an insatiable desire that cannot be satisfied by something of this world.

Bringing together the subconscious and the conscious forces of desire is what Rahu/Venus is about. It creates a lot of desire but there is also a great lesson in that. If we do not express our desire nature with Rahu, there can be a lot of frustration and that can turn into a diabolical thing in our mind.

Ketu / Venus

Ketu is where we are not really rejecting desires but where we have a hard time experiencing pleasure and joy of the physical world without a little bit of guilt. It does not mean we do not enjoy desires, we will enjoy it but we will also realize the limitation of it and that it is not our highest nature. We can tend to have painful relationship with our desires when we have Ketu/Venus.

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