When the nodes join the Moon, we have an expression of feminine energy that is really powerful. Rahu and Ketu tend to accelerate the energies, either externally or internally, with the Moon because it is the indicator of internal life and the emotions themselves.

Rahu / Ketu and the Moon


rahu ketu moon

When Rahu joins the Moon, it brings a certain amount of emotional transparency. It tends to accelerate the mind, heart and emotions beyond what feels grounded and tangible. And since the Moon itself is our connection to the senses, mind and consciousness, Rahu/Moon can really feel ungrounded. It is like our emotional perceptions are accelerated and they are outside of our field of existence. It is often said to bring psychic emotional phenomena but the nodes themselves has to do with psychic perceptions which is just perceptions beyond just the senses.

When Rahu or Ketu joins the Moon, there will be accelerated emotional intuition. It also tends to accelerate the feminine quality of life whether it is for a man or a woman. When it is a woman who has Rahu/Moon, she can become very attractive to the men because that emotional intuition and feeling is very extended.

When you have Ketu/Moon, it is more of an implosive force. The emotions are very deep and instead of being accelerated into the other person and exciting and expanding very emotional reality, it is actually very concentrated.

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