When the nodes join Mars, we have a strong awareness of courage and personal strength being developed.

Rahu / Ketu and Mars


mars planetWith Rahu/Mars, often the person will have a ‘win at all costs’ attitude where they want to take on challenges and challengers because Rahu is trying to accelerate the perceptions of Mars. Rahu/Mars will really develop the qualities of fighting, courage, and eventually, discipline in order to bring about greater intelligence with Mars energy.

Mars is where we have to choose our battles and draw a line in the sand based on how things should or should not be simplistic. Fight-or-flight response to life often is shown by Mars. We see this thing is right and we want to do more of it. We see this thing is wrong and we want to destroy it and take it on.

When Rahu joins Mars, the person might have a very quick temper and decision process. Ketu is really trying to develop this thing to perfection. So there has been a lot of experience often with fighting and understanding the need to purify the fight.

With Ketu/Mars, the person will often be less anxious to get involved with the fight, but they will be good at winning their battles. They will pick their battles carefully but they will often have a lot of issues arguing as well.

Whatever Mars rules, is affecting or aspecting, that is where the person will be fighting and arguing.