Rahu in the 9th Ketu in the 3rd house


Rahu in the 9th house / Ketu in the 3rd house –

Ketu in the 3rd house shows the native developed a daring and curious path through life, and had the courage to challenge their teachings and teachers. This gave the native confidence in their ability to make the right decisions regarding their fate. Confidence in their own skills and intelligence is high.

Rahu in the 9th shows the need to surrender that self-willed nature that served them before and instead take the guidance of teachers and gurus. This is usually comes quite reluctantly, as they seek many teachers, all the while testing them, thinking they know better. Eventually though they encounter situations that cannot be accomplished by their limited will, managed by their skills or known through their intellect. At this point, they recognize the need to listen to and follow teachings that are bigger than themselves. Faith in something higher and greater than their own will power is being developed. These natives may have had an upbringing where they have had very little exposure to religion or Spirituality as a way to force them to seek a higher path – or perhaps there was religious hypocrisy present.