Rahu in the 7th Ketu in the 1st house


Rahu in 7th house / Ketu in 1st house

Ketu in the 1st house shows that in recent past lives the individual self and identity was developed. There is a feeling of self-mastery and self-negation in this life. Their identity in this life is not as important to them, and in fact can be a source of stress as there are high levels of perfectionism and unreal standards of self-awareness. This person may feel they are always falling short of the level of self-mastery that is possible. Screenshot_11_3_13_10_06_AM

it is much easier for them to focus on others. Rahu in the 7th house shows they are developing their relations with others in this lifetime. They will lose themselves in these relationships, often times becoming chameleon-like in nature in order to gain acceptance by others, especially long term partnerships and business associates. These people may have been isolated as a youth, bringing up feelings of confusion around others, which later force the native to resolve this personal crisis.

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