Rahu in the 3rd Ketu in the 9th house


Ketu in the 9th house shows a person who was guided by gurus or teachers or relied on powerful teachers to uplift them and define their belief system, thus they may be very skeptical of teachers and Spiritual teaching in particular. They will likely insist of a very high standard of perfection in their teachings, as on a basic level they already “get” that there is a need to have a higher purpose. This does not necessarily refer to “Spiritual” Gurus, but to education in general.  

Rahu in the 3rd house will show a native developing the courage to challenge and test their teachings and teachers and to explore their own paradigms of understanding aside from what they are told by others. Learning how to apply teachings and interpret them in new ways will be more important earlier in life. This it to allow the native to get confidence in their own ability to make the right decisions regarding their own fate, rather than just rely on belief. These natives may have had an upbringing where an orthodox or oppressive religious environment led to rebellion or those they were asked to trust let them down. 

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