Rahu in the 10th Ketu in the 4th house


Rahu in the 9th house / Ketu in the 3rd house –

Rahu in the 10th house / Ketu in the 4th house – Ketu in the 4th house shows a native who relied on controlling their feelings and the security of domestic life, to escape from the many problems of the world. They will tend to withdraw into a shell, yet shun excessive nurturing.

Rahu in the 10th house shows they are now learning to access external forms of worldly status and security. They are learning the power of worldly actions to shape their identity. Rahu in the 10th gives his materialistic nature something to do and Ketu’s natural tendency to withdraw is also in harmony with this placement. These native may have lived a life with chaotic outer circumstances, which gave them insight into the necessity to do the right thing and the power of our actions.