Rahu in the 4th Ketu in the 10th house


Rahu in the 4th house / Ketu in the 10th house – Ketu in the 10th house shows a native who relied on their worldly status and external power of achievement in order to feel secure. This lead to a person who felt too attached to their actions and ultimately defined by them. They will be hesitant to take on excessive duties and responsibilities. In childhood they were likely forced to accept responsibilities and handle pressures they were not prepared for, such as watching younger siblings, caring for sick or immature parents.

Rahu in the 4th house shows the native will be developing more inner peace in this lifetime. They will be keenly aware of whether or not things “feel good” to them and will always assess duties based on that. Escaping from the outer world of pressure into themselves will be more important to these natives. They may have lacked proper nurturing when young, which compels them to find peace of their own accord.