Rahu in the 5th Ketu in the 11th house


Rahu in the 5th house / Ketu in the 11th house

Ketu in the 11th house show a native who felt the disappointment of worldly ambition and living to satisfy external goals or serving causes disconnected from their heart’s desire. They may have come from a large family, with many sibling, where their personal creations and inspirations were not important. They were asked to subjugated their personal creativity in one way or another. The native will tend to shun the public or “fitting in” with what is popular.

Rahu in the 5th shows the need to develop their own creations and heart’s desire, not that which will make them popular or “admired”. An individual creative life is the most important to these native. Expressing their unique vision is key. They will likely shun mass popularity in order to refine their unique expression. This placement often disrupts having children, as they prefer to freedom to pursue individual creativity.