Pope Francis Birth Chart – Evaluated During US Visit

Pope Francis has a very interesting chart, with much power, intelligence, optimism, compassion and unshakeable faith.

Pope Francis Birth Chart – Evaluated During US Visit – VIDEO

Gemini power
His flexibility, humor, love of people, need to speak the truth, dislike of hierarchy and pomposity and ability to understand people without juggment are the best qualities of Gemini

Sagittarius Power
His unshakeable faith, optimism, vision, forgiveness, generosity, natural leadership and counseling skills are all great examples of 4 planets in Sagittarius

Many Raja Yogas in his 7th
His love of people and his willingness to be responsible and accountable to them is shown by so many Raja Yogas in his 7th house.

Mula Nakshatra
His wild and impossible to control nature and the capacity to see “God in the Chaos” is shown by 3 planets in Mula – including his lagna lord, Jupiter and Sun! – Also he has infinite courage (3rd Lord).

Saturn 9th lord in 9th
His enduring hope and unshakable faith underneath it all is shown by Saturn, his 9th lord i the 9th – also his humility and “every man” life.

Born Near Eclipse, nodal Power!!
He is not of this world. His vision transcends the mundane energies of this world – the highest promise of the Nodes realized.

A very high being!

“Make a Mess”
This is what I referred to – His planets in Mula, to uproot the stuck and dead doctrine .. He is far too intelligent to be limited by dogma.


“Make a mess, but then also help to tidy it up. A mess which gives us a free heart, a mess which gives us solidarity, a mess which gives us hope,” he said to the tens of thousands of young people.” — Pope Francis


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