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Panchanga – Five-fold division of time in Vedic Astrology

Classical Vedic astrology uses a five-fold division of time. There is enormous insight to be gained into each day by studying the Panchanga factors.

Panchanga – Five-fold division of time in Vedic Astrology – Video


The Panchanga components are:

• Vara (Day Lord) – Planetary ruler of the Dayshiva-hindu-god
• Nakshatra (Star) of the Day – The 27 fold Nakshatra Zodiac
• Tithi (Lunar Phase) of the Day – 12 degree portion of separation of the sun
from the moon. There are 15 days of the waxing moon (Shukla Paksha) and 15
days of the waning moon (Krishna Paksha)
• Karana (1/2 Tithi) of the Day – related to an animal, breaks the tithi up into 2
portions (like day and night).
• Nitya Yoga (Sun / Moon Yoga) of the Day – Take the Sun’s Longitude +
Moon’s Longitude – divided by 13°20′ – There are 27 – also connected to a Nakshatra

As a practical matter, I use parts of the Panchanga in daily forecasting, as well as integrating them into the more traditional/planets, zodiac, etc. structures we have already discussed.

In particular, the tithi is important, yet overlooked. It shows the phase angle between the sun and the moon on any given day. Of course, the extremes of the tithi what we call the new moon (Purnima) and the full moon (Amavasya).

All Indian celebrations and festivals coincide with a certain lunar phase. Many festivals begin on new moons (Diwali, Navratri, etc). Yet other celebrations begin on lunar phases that coincide with the deity involved, Ganesh Chaturthi (4th tithi), ShivaRatri (14th tithi). The tithi refers to the feeling/emotion of the day – the element of water.

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