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New Moon in Pisces on April 7, 2016

The Moon will be new in Pisces on the early morning of April 7, 2016 in Revati Nakshatra. Pisces is the feminine sign ruled by Jupiter, where we reflect on the deeper, metaphysical promise in life. Often this leads to a higher creative impulse – but sometimes it just makes us a little spacey and ungrounded.

This new Moon is in the Nakshatra of Revati, ruled by the God Pushan – the shepherd of the Gods. Now you can feel divine providence leading your weary soul to it’s home.

This new Moon in Pisces is also considered a “New Year” in Indian culture – and begins a “Divine Mother” festival. The next 10 days are good for worshipping the sacred feminine.

Over the next month we will also be dealing with the exalted Sun in Aries, giving a lot of drive toward your personal goals. Also, Venus is exalted showing a higher potential for forgiveness and connection to beauty.

New Moon in Pisces on April 7, 2016 – VIDEO

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