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New Moon in Scorpio – Jyeshta Nakshatra on December 11, 2015


Terror and paranoia or silence and devotion?New Moon in Scorpio - Jyeshta Nakshatra on December 11, 2015

On Friday morning, December 11, 2015 we have a new moon in Scorpio. The new moon happens when both Sun and Moon join, which starts a new cycle.

Have you noticed the imagined fears gripping much of the world now? In some ways, it feels like the world has gone crazy, with much of the world recognizing a new, emerging terrorist threat. The radical terrorist group ISIS have recently attacked Paris, a Russian airliner and most recently 2 radicalized Arab american’s attacked San Bernadino.

But even more disturbing than the terrorist threat itself, is the capacity of our fear to undermine our humanity. When faced with insecurity and vulnerability human beings are capable of immense cruelty and treachery.

However, human beings are also blessed with enormous emotional courage and the potential to transform fear and stress into inner peace and compassion.

These are all qualities of Scorpio, so it is no surprise that for the last couple of weeks the sun and Saturn (and recently Mercury) were all in Scorpio.

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I describe this New Moon in the video below.

New Moon in Scorpio – Jyeshta Nakshatra on December 11, 2015 – Video

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