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New Moon in Sagittarius January 9, 2016

The sun and moon come together in Sagittarius on January 9, 2016.
Sagittarius is a sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of inspiration and purpose. For Sagittarius that inspiration and purpose becomes an active force in our life. It shows where we pursue truth and righteousness. We may first do this privately in our own life, which shows our personal desire to be guided by principle. Then we also wish to see a cultural righteousness, which may take the form of justice and law. Eventually, as we notice the limitations of life on earth and culture, we seek a spiritual truths, and a solution beyond just this world and its dramas.Sagittarius

For the next 30 days these will be key themes. Your own personal principles in relation to cultural principles and values, and how those things are either taking you closer to your spiritual goals or taking you further from them.

Jupiter has just turned retrograde in the sky, which shows a reflection on these issues for the next four months. We are meant to reflect on what inspires us for approximately 1/3 of the time, as shown by Jupiter’s retrograde cycle.

In addition to Jupiter turning retrograde, we have the North node, Rahu, changing signs on the very same day. This conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu in Leo will greatly affect the next several months as well, and bring confusion during the Sagittarius cycle.

Purva Ashada Nakshtra
This new moon happens in the Nakshatra of Purva Ashada, which means “early victory”. The God is called Apas, the God of the ocean and sacred waters. Of course, water is related to love. This refers to the need for all of us to be loved early in life. Indeed, our “early victory” as we were being raised and nurtured, is directly related to how much love we received. This is the part of Sagittarius which is prone to dogmatism and simple belief. It is also very devotional.

The Retrograde Mercury Issue
Mercury also recently turned retrograde, showing a reflection on how we speak, communicate and adjust to new information. Is that new information which challenges our beliefs and compels us to implement them, rather than just believe in something because it feels good (the problem of Sagittarius). With both Jupiter and Mercury retrograde, we may be feeling a bit lost and confused not only by external rhetoric, but more importantly our own internal dialogue.

This confusion is necessary and good for the clarity that follows. We just need to be careful about implementing changes that permanently affect our life now, and when planets turn retrograde. For example, at least for the next month or so, do not drop out of the class, get into an argument with the teacher, or speak forcefully about these issues. The biggest lesson about retrograde planets is they are times of reflection.

It is time for astrology students and practitioners to grow up about retrograde, and stop just calling it “bad”. In fact, that would be a great lesson for this retrograde cycle, is for all of us to truly imbibe the lessons strengths and benefits of reflection and introspection. Also, it is time for us to see the outer disruptions in the external confusion as necessary indicators.

The fact that you lose your car keys or your computer crashes every time Mercury goes retrograde is the only way you will learn to pay more attention to these details. Backup your data, and evolve your perception about what that means.

If you’re not paying attention to those details, what other details are you not noticing?
What other sloppy communication styles are you inflicting on others?
How much do you “lose people” in your fog of confusing ideas, rhetoric, and using communication as a way to get what you want rather than as a way to speak the truth?
New Moon in Sagittarius January 9, 2016 – Video



,… continued
These things are very important now, as the only way to evolve the Sagittarius/Jupiter principle is by bringing greater skill to the Mercury/Gemini principle.

Mars / Venus Connection
There is also a Mars/Venus exchange right now, between the signs of Libra and Scorpio. This Venus in Scorpio is also joined Saturn, to the exact degree. There could be some very heavy emotional vulnerabilities and desires now. These desires are existing concurrent with the feeling of punishment, regret, loss, as shown by Venus/Saturn in Scorpio.

But with Mars in Libra, exchanging with Venus, there is also quite a bit of frustration and even hostility to be working through. Underneath it all, we may be more inclined to punish someone else, and feel victimized, rather than liberated and ready to “own our pain”.

So in general, this is quite a transformative new moon/30 day cycle.

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