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On Wednesday, November 11, 2015, the Sun and moon come together at approximately 25 Libra, creating a new moon – the genesis of a new cycle related to personal relationships and creativity.

New Moon in Libra – November 11, 2015 – Video


Libra is a masculine, air sign – ruled by Venus – showing the initiation of desires New Moon in Libra - November 11, 2015 - Videoand happiness into the world through social interaction and the arts. This new moon sets off a 30 day cycle of those things. We will be feeling less and less excited about these things now though, as Venus is debilitated in Virgo with Mars and Rahu. We are feeling less interested and turned on by the possibility of compromising with others now, and are more interested in defending ourself.

Sun and Moon at Their Weakest on This Lunation Cycle
The Sun is now debilitated and the moon is very close to her sign of debilitation – making this a very sensitive lunation cycle – with both lights weak. With the Moon at its darkest now, you may be feeling more and more drained at this time.

Mars / Rahu Conjunction
There may also be a lot of aggravation and willfulness now, given the very close Mars / Rahu conjunction in Virgo. This becomes especially prominent considering the conjunction of Venus, the planet of civility and ruler of the New Moon, joins Mars and Rahu.

Mercury and Venus Exchanging Signs
One bright spot is the exchange of Venus and Mercury, showing that in spite of the stress there are deep lessons to be learned and wisdom to be gleaned. So, staying intelligent and alert to imbalances and criticisms will not be too difficult now. Transforming the discontent and intensity into discipline and discrimination is key. Mantra work might be especially powerful.

Diwali – Honoring the Light Within
Such a New Moon with the Sun and Moon weak in the sky is the perfect time to celebrate the inner, inextinguishable light within. That celebration is called “Diwali” in India. A time for a renewed commitment to inner strength and the clarity that must sustain us if we are to evolve in this lifetime.

Here is an article about Diwali I wrote last year, and its astrological significance.

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