Mercury Retrograde in Virgo Until October 9, 2015

When planets go retrograde they appear to be moving backwards in the sky

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo Until October 9, 2015 – VIDEO

Planets go retrograde when they are closest to the earth. At that time, their different speeds create the illusion of retrograde motion. Although the planet is not actually moving backward, during that retrograde phase, it does not “keep up” with the speed of life on earth. Much like a slower moving car on the highway appears to be moving backwards if you are in the faster moving car.Mercury retrograde in Virgo

When Mercury goes retrograde the things it rules slow down. This gives us a great opportunity to go inward and reflect On them. Mercury rules communication, and one of the most important parts of mercury to grade is “listening”, rather than just speaking.

The next 3 1/2 weeks are good for clarifying this story in your head, and reflecting intelligently on your life decisions. Everything you do or do not do begins as a story in your mind. Interpreting your life events and giving meaning to them has a lot to do with Mercury.

In particular now, with Mercury exalted and retrograde, and join the North node, there are enormous opportunities for thinking outside of the box and implementing new ways of living and organizing your life.

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