The day Mercury goes retrograde is also the day the electors meet to cast their votes for the President of the US. Even though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by close to 3 million votes, Trump won the electoral college pretty handily. But the electors still have to actually vote him in – and there is more and more growing dissent. Based on the transits that day, I think Trump will be elected – as the moon will be going through his first house that day. But don’t be surprised if there is a major turning of the tide in the congress against his obvious lack of concern for the conflicts of interest, controversial cabinet picks., disbelief in the intelligence briefings and more.

Mercury Retrograde For Us
Beyond politics, this is a time for us to try to introspect about our communication style and how concise and precise we are when communicating. Are we a good listener as well as a good speaker. Are we open to information that goes against what we already believe or want to believe? Are we dogmatic?

These are big questions now. But now is also a good time connect the details in your mind with larger concepts and themes that are not so easily approached day to day. The exchange between Jupiter and Mercury unites these details with the larger picture. It also shows where you can look more deeply into the things you believe, with the willingness to change your mind. But be careful of exaggerations or confirmation bias, just believing what you want to believe and creating a story / narrative to confirm those beliefs.