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Mercury enters Libra October 29

Mercury will enter Libra on October 29, 2016 after having been in Virgo since August 23

Mercury enters Libra October 29 – Video

Mercury in Libra will support relationships and adjusting to others and their needs. Mercury is the energy of flexibility and curiosity. These traits support relations with others, because relations with people benefit greatly when we remain curious and interested in them.

Also, Mercury delights in communication and sharing things that are enjoyable to us. With Mercury, the goal is not to reach a conclusion or form an opinion. The goal is the process itself, and the joy of discovery.
Mercury had been in Virgo since the end of August, also having gone retrograde. These last several months have been supportive of organizing different parts of your life, perhaps editing or creative projects that requires more self reflection. In addition, Mercury in Virgo was exalted, bringing enormous skill to these activities.

Mercury in Libra will also join the sun, who is debilitated there. You may find some support and intelligence arrives in service of a recent lack of confidence or feeling of confusion about your individual purpose. You may find it easier to communicate with others about these things as well.


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