May 2017 Forecast

May 2 – 3
The Moon will be a cancer now. It is the time when we can connect to our heart and sink deeply into the truth and power that lies within. Usually we are riding up and down on the waves of emotion. Now is the time to crack the surface, and dive deeply into the heart. Connect to the source of love that is your true nature.

May 3
Mercury in Aries turns direct after being retrograde. Now is the time to start moving forward on some of those things/ideas that you have been stuck on or confused about lately. The last few weeks may have been frustrating intellectually. You may need to do a little “apology tour” if you let your frustrations get the best of you recently.

May 6 – 8
The Moon will be in Virgo with retrograde Jupiter. Look up in the sky now and see this beautiful light show! Jupiter is very bright, and the moon is also close to full. This is a great time to connect to what inspires you and take it deeply into your heart and mind. Also, because they are in Virgo, you may actually take some practical steps toward bringing these teachings into your daily life, habits and routines.

May 10
The Moon will be Full in Libra now. This full moon in Libra is opposite the exalted sun, and Aries. This is a time where a powerful and inspired self (Sun in Aries) is being harmonized with the reflection of others, who we must respect as equals (Libra). It’s been important to express your big bad self for the last couple of weeks. But now you need to pay attention to others, those you wish to serve and love.

This full moon happens in Vishaka Nakshatra, which is a “Star of purpose”. This star is related to the gods Indra and Agni, the gods of fire and lightning. It is a place of inspiration and purpose, as well as devotion to larger, social causes.

May 14 – 20
On these successive days, the Moon is joined Saturn, then hemmed between Saturn and Ketu, then joined Ketu. We have been experiencing this each month since January of this year. There’s a feeling of constriction and inhibition, as well as karmic pressure and consequences now. In addition, we have the opportunity to align that pressure with our teachings toward higher, social causes. You may find your teachings and beliefs are requiring more effort to maintain. Yet, if you’re willing to do that work, a new richness is available. That newfound power can benefit not only you, but can help you shape the change you want to be in the world.

May 17 – 19
Venus in Pisces aspects retrograde Jupiter in Virgo now. This connection between mysticism and practical effort is being lit up now. This is a great time to create music, art or just connect with the sublime beauty of the universe, not only emotionally, but tangibly and practically. Jupiter in Virgo brings wisdom through details and daily habits. Venus in Pisces brings a desire for otherworldly beauty. You can be the bridge between those two things, in word and deed. Look for a higher, inspired purpose now.

May 22 – 23
Moon and Venus join in Pisces now, aspected by Jupiter. This is a great time to bask in the beauty of nature, spiritual teaching, romance or just the beauty of life. For spiritual seekers, it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn and study with your favorite teachers, and the subjects that inspire you. This is a great time for devotional practices, like bhakti yoga.

May 25
The New moon happens in Taurus today, beginning a 30-day cycle where Taurus themes predominate. Get ready for a month of enjoying life, finding beauty and comfort, and sharing it with your loved ones. The deeper lesson underneath it all is “contentment”, what we call in yoga “santosha”. It is easy for Taurus energy to get bogged down in the forms of our enjoyments, and just want pleasure. When this happens there is a craving and a lust for objects and even people. Instead, enjoying what we have and sharing with others is important for the next 30 days.
This new moon is joined Mars, bringing some power struggles.

This new moon is in Rohini Nakshatra, which is related to growth and creativity of all sorts. The driving force of creativity is beauty and happiness.

May 31
Venus leaves Pisces where it has been since the end of January, and enters Aries. You may notice a drastic shift in your desire and willingness to compromise with others now. Venus was in Pisces, the sign of accommodation and tolerance of others views for four months. Now, the jig is up with “trying to please” other people. Be very careful about a vicious backlash against those who you have been tolerating. This is the big mistake of Venus. We are not meant to tolerate the intolerable. We are meant to establish a paradigm of “mutual respect”. If you have been confusing these two ideas, there may be a strong snapback now. If you snap back like that, it will be your fault.

May 2017 Forecast

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