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May 2016 begins with two fiery shifts, the Aries cycle, and Jupiter in Leo turning direct. Expect to feel enthusiastic and even restless the first half of the month. Get ready to hit the ground running with your projects and inspirations. By midmonth, there’s more of a shift toward manifestation and grounding, with both the Sun and Venus in Taurus. This will be important by the end of the month, when a challenging full Moon in Scorpio, joined Saturn and Mars, threatens to overturn the applecart.

May 1 and 2 – The Moon is joined Ketu in Aquarius. There may be a feeling of “nagging discontent” now, especially as it relates to your social circle or community. We all would like to think we are leaving the world better than we found it. You may be examining those things now and looking for opportunities to contribute more. Be careful of self criticism now.

May 6 – New Moon is in Aries today, joined Venus and retrograde Mercury. The next 30 days will hold the promise of new beginnings and exciting breakthroughs. Now you can connect with your true purpose and let it inspire you, courageously. The curiosity of Mercury and the desire of Venus to spread joy will also be of assistance. However, Mercury is retrograde, so you want to take care with your words and actions until May 22.

This new moon is in the Nakshatra of Bharani, ruled by the God Yama, the God of restraint. For success to be realized, it is not enough to charge forth only following our personal agenda. We must exercise restraint, care and caution. Keep this in mind now.

May 9 – Jupiter turns direct in Leo, after having been retrograde since early January. Now is a great time to connect your goals with higher teachings. Also, this is a great time to get additional training, especially as it relates to making your mark on the world. Jupiter is closely joined Rahu, the North node bringing unusual teachers into your life. Be careful of confusing teachers or (if you are a teacher), be careful not to confuse your students.

May 19 – The Sun and Venus are in Taurus, beginning a cycle of stability and manifestation for the next few weeks. Now is an excellent time to make important purchases, connect with your desires and live a happy life. This brings up themes of family and personal values as well. Care must be taken to avoid materialism and greed. The deeper lesson of Taurus is not accumulation, wealth or enjoyment; it is contentment. In yoga this is called “santosha”, where we appreciate all we have and, in so doing, share abundantly our time and resources.

May 21 – Full Moon is in Scorpio now joined Mars and Saturn, who are both retrograde. This will be a time of deep emotions, many could be painful and/or aggressive. When the moon is full, there can be a lot of triggering and attachment to our own point of view. When the moon joins Mars our protective opinions also become important. Beware of feeling victimized and picked on now. Don’t seek revenge or justification. Just let things pass. The rusty chains of past grievances may be a heavy burden now as well. Instead of reacting, be disciplined and devoted. This is achieved by sitting with your own discomfort, and finding stillness in your own heart, rather than projecting your pain onto another.

This full moon is in Anuradha Nakshatra, the star of devotion. Mitra, the God of friendship, rules this Nakshatra. Instead of saving your own skin, put some attention on others, and help support their growth. This is the highest quality of Scorpio, but also one of the hardest things to do.

May 22 – Mercury turns direct in Aries, where he is been retrograde since the end of April. Hopefully since then you have been reflecting more on your speech and communication style, rather than recklessly blasting others or overlooking important details. Now that Mercury is moving forward, he can bring great skill to benefit your projects and get the details straight, including the details you communicate others. It is also a good time for writing, speaking or other modes of interaction.

May 24 and 25 – The Moon is in Sagittarius aspected by Jupiter. Expect to feel more inspiration and hope now. This is especially important considering the recent full moon in Scorpio, described above. After such an intense “deep dive”, it is nice to land in the arms of grace and good teachings. This is the realm of Jupiter and of the sign he rules, Sagittarius. Pay attention to important signs from spiritual teachers and leaders now. Look for pure teachings and traditional forms of worship to deliver you from the pain and sorrow of the world.

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