Mars gives is the courage to fight and destroy things that are making us weak – physically, emotionally and spiritually. The negative quality of Mars sees us lashing out aggressively (or passive aggressively) to injure others who we think have injured us. This gives us a feeling of temporary relief to our frustrations – but comes at a high price. We destroy the trust and connection and safety (Saturn) that we feel around another person.Mars and Saturn and Depression

Saturn rules long-term consequences and structures – like time and pressure. When we are in situations where we cannot “vent” or change the situation, it becomes depressing.

For example:
You can vent at your employees but not at your boss. Sadly, we also tend to vent at those who love us, where there are not consequences for our bad behavior. But over time, those intimate relationships get destroyed and the trust eroded..

When Mars and Saturn come together, Saturn brings a larger situation into the mix – and puts us in a situation where consequences inhibit us.

Notice the capacity to get depressed now over situations you have broken and you see no way to go back to it now.

Mars and Saturn and Depression – VIDEO