Magha shows the love of family and tradition shown in Leo.

Magha – Beneficient, Mighty – Video


Deity: Pitris

Sign(s)/Degrees: 0:00 – 13:19 Leo

Ruler: Ketu

Symbol: Throne, Palanquin, Royal Court

Story: Magha Nakshatra is the first Nakshatra in Leo. It is the first section of Leo where the king is sitting on the throne and it literally means “the mighty” or “the royal.” The symbol of Magha is the throne or the royal seat and that includes the palanquin — the seat that is used to carry the king through the kingdom.

Any planets in this Nakshatra have that kind of legal bearing and mighty approach. We must understand that the king is not elected, it is not a democracy. The king claims the kingdom through birth right, heritage and legacy. It is that section of Leo which has a sense of entitlement to power. That part of us feels entitled to a certain amount of power, dignity and respect. This is the quality of Magha.

Planets in Magha can sometimes demand respect and appreciation. Those planets that do so well in Leo might have some problem in Magha because of this bow-before-the-king kind of attitude. This is a problem when we mistake our power to be something of this world rather than something that is more connected to the divine. This is why the Pitris, the divine ancestors, are the rulers of Magha.

The Pitris are our celestial lineage and great teachers that have brought us through eons of time, not just our family in this lifetime. When planets are in Magha or when someone has the Moon in Magha or ascendant or other important planets in Magha, their family, lineage and heritage becomes important.

Even if you are one who does not live under the thumb of your family very much, the succession of your incarnation and your ancestry are all important stuff in Magha and in Leo where the succession of the power comes down from your lineage and the true past which is the divine ancestry.

It is good to honor your family and to take that seat on the throne of power when planets are there but also remember that our true power comes from celestial nature and the Pitris, the divine ancestors.

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