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On March 23 there’s a lunar eclipse in Virgo on march 23. This is a unique lunar eclipse because although Rahu when Jupiter are in Leo, the moon is actually in Virgo when it is being eclipsed, in the 8th house from the Solar eclipse.

Typically what happens is we have a solar eclipse in one sign (in this case Aquarius) and then the lunar eclipse harmonizes and contrast that energy, by being eclipsed in the opposite sign (in this case and it would’ve been Leo). Now this typical harmonizing, with its opposite sign, is broken at this time.lunar-eclipse-2000-espenak

This seventh house connection is the same that takes place in relationships with individuals. In order to have a good relationship, of any sort, each individual must transform a part of themselves toward the higher connection they have. In this way we grow beyond just our own self and start to connect with other selves. This is the typical trajectory of comparison and contrast that happens with seventh house situations, including all new moons full moons and eclipses.

But at this time, with the sun being eclipsed in Aquarius, then the moon eclipsed in Virgo, we can see a total destruction/ transformation of those Aquarian themes. More specifically, we’re seeing how the collective will is being totally transformed by a focus on detail of how our governments and leaders and social structures are being organized, specifically.

For example, we can see around the world political systems being disrupted as citizens focus on the nuts and bolt specifics of their economy and their alliances with others. In the UK, there’s talk of seceding from the EU. In the United States there is a incredibly contentious political battle underway. Globally the specifics of how different countries are relating with each other is also being scrutinized, down to the fine details.

This portends enormous destruction and transformation of our social structures for the next several months, through the summer and until the next eclipse, September 1, 2016

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra

This eclipse happens in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra which is about negotiations, contracts and good relationships with those you are partnered with. It is called “the marriage star”, and also shows a bad marriage and a mishandling of legal structures. It is the Nakshatra where Leo becomes Virgo, where the kingdom needs to be organized and where we can see the corruption and abuse of authority filtering down into favors and nepotism.

It is not surprising to see the emotions raging now, as globally citizens are waking up to the idea that in this dark age, absolute power often corrupts absolutely and our “political leaders” are often tarred by the same brush and motivated by the same goal, padding their own coffers.

On a personal level, you can map the same power structures over into your life. First of all, your health and vitality is a focal point, and how that filters down into your diet, your activity level, and other things. You may be noticing how your social obligations and duties and spiritual communities, etc. may be depleting you and taking you away from what you know to be correct..

Lunar Eclipse in Virgo – Video

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