2016 Winter Special

2016 Winter Special


Before you spend all of your money of gifts that maybe no one likes (just 2016castbannerkidding), treat yourself to a great education in Vedic astrology. I have bundled together a few of my most popular and well received courses on this page.

Or you can give the gift of Vedic astrology to another!

#1 – Quantum Vedic Astrology Bundle
25 Hours of Classes – Plus more than 25 hours of Bonuses
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Quantum astrology is a way to make a quantum leap, not only in our understanding of how astrology works, but in how it can heal the human spirit.

In this course you will not only see how Astrology creates the human mind and brain, through our karma, but how this is exactly described by modern neuroscience and quantum physics PF-east-west_1965627band most importantly – what you can do to re-create your life or do you want to continue through your life like a reactive animal? — with your energy hung up on inner conflicts?

Does this sound familiar:
Instead of using your attention and capacity to imagine a better future, then using your unlimited power to create that future, you imagine a bleak world – where you are powerless to change – full of ,…

phantom fears – lorded over by primal specters of the past. Your imagination is the greatest gift you have and you are likely wasting it … using your mind to stay exactly where you are, rather than becoming all you are meant to be – Does that sound familiar?

Modern neuroscience tells us why this happens – the inner war between the 3 brains – the RAS confirming the habitual world it is looking for. But Vedic astrology has been saying this same thing for centuries, in its own way.

Vedic astrology / our karma exists behind neuroscience (the brain and its habits) and Quantum physics (how the brain compels energy / spirit to take form).

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The Full Course Includes:
Class 1 – Overview of Eastern and Western Models:
The Sciences of the East pick up where the Sciences of the West leave off (and vice versa). Hear me explain this in great detail. This allows you to really benefit from your spiritual beliefs.

Class 2 – Quantum Physics and Astrology:
Particles are actually waves until we focus on them, only then do they move into a space / time coordinate. Learn how this works, as well as what Einstein called “Spooky action”. Even more important, find out how astrology extends and shapes this truth into the actual Law of Attraction”,.. find out how life actually works on the molecular level. Also, penetrate the world of interdimensionality – the realm of subtle bodies and worlds existing in the same space and time as ours.
I discuss this subject here

Class 3 – Neuro-Science and Astrology:
Your brain creates your world. But how does your brain actually work? Dive deeply into the brain to see how it shapes your world, as you only see what you are looking for (the reticular activating system), and ignore important details changing (change blindness) and many other default programs you are running. Learn how astrology focuses these western sciences specifically, to help unravel inner conflicts and other behavioral problems. Get the Course and take the “Invisible Gorilla” test.

Class 4 – Astrology as Sacred Astronomy
Learn the truth of what astrology is actually showing and why. The pIanets are not just big rocks moving around. They are timed with each other and have been moving in their orbits for billions of years, creating life as we know it. See how modern particle science is also shown by Astrology and sacred astronomy. See how each planet rules each brain (reptile, mammal, human).

Class 5 – Astrology Case Studies
I will evaluate several charts to show how things were manifested, what inner conflicts emerged, and do a deep dive into how we can use the “Quantum Astrology” principles. See how dasas and transits relate to the emergent karma and its affect on matter (on the quantum physical level) and the mind (seen by the neuroscience).

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#2 – Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic astrology Bundle
30 Hours of Classes – Plus more than 25 hours of Bonuses
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This is a bundle of 2 important courses, based on Yoga and Ayurveda – the sister sciences to Vedic astrology.

Class #1
Yoga and Vedic Astrology Weekend

In this 12 hour weekend immersion, you will learn how to live in harmony with your deeper cosmic nature everyday.
You will learn how your life can be improved by Vedic astrology, regardless of your current level of understanding.

You Will Learn:
~ Elevating Relationship love – from imbalance to equality and respect.
~ Why “anger” is just discipline in disguise, and what to do about it.
~ The key to remaining consistent and confident in your career and life.
~ How to juggle belief and hope with facts and Scientific proof.
~ How to get more discrimination and bust through communication problems distortions.
~ The evolution of Self through Body, Mind and Spirit (3 Gunas).
~ How and why our sense of Self-worth directly determine our income.
~ How changing diapers is directly related to having a life partner.

~ How to transform fear into strength. No growth is possible without this. ~ The creative quality of confusion. Why does God want us confused?
~ Much more.

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Class #2
Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology Master class 18 Hours – Audio
This 18 hour master class was taught to Ayurvedic practitioners to help them evaluate the charts of their clients. So the level of teaching is very high.

You will learn:
~ How to draw the chart and the basic astronomy / architecture of an astrology Chart (I explain this to clients in 5 minutes in every astrology reading)

~ Connecting astrology to the philosophy of Ayurveda with emphasis on the tissues, Elements and qualities of nature.
~ Introduction to astrological timing factors.
~ Deeper Qualities of Planets – Their expressions through mind, body and spirit.
~ Planetary expressions through the Signs – Psychology – masculine and feminine – Appearance – constitutional factors explored.
~ Planetary Cycles of Health and illness using Vimshottari Dasa Cycle.
~ Connecting to the Living Sky and dynamic cycles using astrology transits
~ Blending static chart indicators with dynamic factors to determine a course of action
~ Special approach to remedies based on Astrology. (Mainly Mantra remedies for planets)
~ Saturn, Nodes, Jupiter and Mars. Always knowing where they are and why that is crucial to your patients.

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