Level II Certification Early Access

2 Free WebClasses This Summer (Dates TBA) For All Early Registrants –
PLUS Some Great Bonuses:
1. The Ascendants
2. Advanced Class Recordings

Download the manual for these 2 Bonus Classes. We will dedicate 2 months (the Summer) to learning these things and showing the principles working in actual charts.

Close to 60 Hours of Personal Training & Some Great Bonuses – Payment Options Below

$749.00 – Pay in Full and Save

2PAY Option – 794.00 Total
1/2 now and half in 60 Days

~ Vedic Astrology Level 2 Certification

The first thing to understand about the level II course is that it deepens everything from level I, and gives an extended focus and practice to what we learned in level I. It is not expected in the level I class that you are able to recharge fluently, or even come close to that. You are just learning what in the chart and how to identify what is important. thinks

It is really in level to that we start actually reading charts intensely. Naturally, in the Level One course we also examine charts and investigate how to integrate/read the chart. But it is not until the level II course that an intense focus on teaching you how to read the chart /Integrate the chart factors begins.

In Level II You will get:
1. Bachelor of Arts in Vedic Astrology through AAVAS.
2. Endorsed to do Readings by the AAVAS.
3. Opportunity for a paid teaching (or other) position through the AAVAS.
4. Focus on You as an Astrological Counselor and Teacher of this Approach

~ Deeper Dive / Practice With the Material from Level 1
1. Ripening of Karmas
2. Harmonic Charts
3. Additional Yogas and Methods (Moon Yogas, Panchanga, Avasthas, Nak. Approaches)

~ Different Lesson / Homework Models
1. Traditional video w/ homework (like level 1)
2. Audio or video homework
3. Study group model

~ Focus on Doing Different Kinds of Consultations
1. Relationship
2. Career
3. Varshaphal (Annual)
4. The ones I offer in my practice

~ Use of Many Reading and Teaching Templates
1. Develop many templates that you can use for readings.

~ Private Mentoring From Me Available (If Desired)
1. for Astrology knowledge
2. for Astrology practice
3. for Setting up Business

~ A lot More

** Special Bonus **
Opportunity to mentor the students from current level 1 class – both paid and volunteer positions will be available.


Integration of Level 1
1. Powerful Chart reading templates
2. Applied to specialized readings (Relationships, Career, others)

Harmonic charts
1 How to integrate Rasi and Harmonics
2 The all important “Ratio of effects”

Moon Yogas
1. Planets before, with and after the Moon showing the psychological process
2. Planet sin angles from the Moon showing emotional support.

1 The 5 components of the Panchanga (Vara, Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana)
3 Briefly explain how the Nitya Yoga is calculated?

Tithis (Lunar Phases)
1 Five types of tithis and Deities
2 The 3 difficult tithis that should be avoided

Tara Bala
1 What are the 3 difficult Taras?
2 Which is the most auspicious Tara?

Relationship Compatibility
1 What does the “Synastry” show specifically
2 What does the “Vedic approach” show specifically, that is different than the synastry

1. The 5 types of Avasthas and aha they mean
2. How to use the Avasthas correctly

Tajika Astrology (Deeper transit work)
1 What is and esarapha and ithalsala yoga?
2. The correct orbs for separating and appleying aspects

Varshaphal (Annual Chart Reading)
1. Lords of the Year (Varsha Pati)
2. Muntha (Progressed ascendants) in Annual charts

Jaimini Astrology
1. Rasi aspects
2. Chara (movable) Karakas and their use

And of Course, Some Great Bonuses – Payment Options Below

Advanced Chart Reading Master Classes – 16 Hours

These are advanced classes that I taught a couple of years ago to students who had been studying with me for more than a year.

Some of the material may be over your head, but you will have these recording to refer to over and over again as your knowledge increases.

At the time I made them a special offer on the price of only 120.00 for 16 hours of classes.

But I will just make this a bonus for those who get the level ii Course.

More Details:

This is two four week classes, dedicated to reading charts and implementing the techniques discussed in the Universal Astrology and Vedic Astrology Courses – No Homework was given.

There was be extensive focus on integrating the anchoring principles of Planets, Signs and Houses with:


Classes are grouped around themes and making predictions relative to:


In keeping with Universal Astrology principles, there was an emphasis on seeing how the inner becomes the outer and the deeper soul drives beneath.

There was also emphasis on looking at Prashna charts and integrating them in readings.

Student Charts were used and students provided examples from people and events in their life.

The 12 Ascendants Course Recordings

Learn the The Truth of Planets as House Rulers.

Today, I am offering you one of the most valuable trainings I have ever put together.

It teaches you how to see the nature of each planet and ascending sign. I know this may sound like just another astrology idea, but believe me, it isn’t.

Mastery of this concept will make you a master astrologer more quickly than anything else I know of, because what is actually happening is you are integrating planets, signs and houses the way they are supposed to be integrated AND using the spiritual principles of Vedic astrology to do so

The houses show the results (Karmic circumstances) in our life, based on our ideas. These things come to us from the planets.

Each planet rules different houses, based on the rising sign.. and until you REALLY GET the nature of the houses, you will fumble around mercilessly, trying to figure out why things happen.

The truth is, for most students to excel beyond their wildest dreams, they do not even have to learn anything new. They just need to actually grasp what they think they already understand (the relationship between planets, Signs and houses).

I Have Seen it Over and Over

Students gravitate to some complicated method, rather than get a firm grasp on these “basics”. Their beloved complicated techniques involve a lot of calculations and fancy Sanskrit names. This makes their intellect feel good (as if they are really smart and accomplishing something), only to be more “left out in the cold and confused” later, when they try to actually make sense of the new method.

Why does this happen?

This happens because the fundamentals of each planet, for each ascendant NEVER CHANGES regardless of the fancy calculation or method you just learned. Until you go deeper into Planets, Signs and Houses, (like I am offering in this course) this problem will continue to haunt you.


Venus on the Half-Shell

$749.00 – Pay in Full and Save

2PAY Option – 794.00 Total
1/2 now and half in 60 Days