Our earthly lives unfold through a physical body in a world of matter as shown through the Bhavas. The Sanskrit term for Bhava literally means, “Coming into existence, Birth” – It also means “The Experience – Experiencing.”

Learning Astrology – Astrology Houses

It is through what is shown through the houses that our karma is born materially. It is here that Purusha is expressed as Prakriti in a world of consequence.

Each house has many attributes, yet underneath there is a deeper “seed concept” that is key to that house. By connecting spirit to form, the houses also reveal the deeper evolutionary process and potential behind all of our actions. Vedic astrology has very specific house classifications based on the four stations of life.

Those four stations of life are:
Dharma – Right understanding expressed through our actions.
Artha – Sustenance and Material comfort.
Kama – Enjoyment and Pleasure
Moksha – Liberation from the World

These four lessons are repeated three times in an astrology chart through the realms of the Individual Self – Other People – and in a Universalized sense.