Lance Armstrong – Vedic Astrology Rectification

Lance Armstrong – Vedic Astrology Rectification


Lance Armstrong – Vedic Astrology Rectification

Lance Armstrong chart is rectified in this video. He experienced enormous success in his Rahu Dasa, as it is joined exalted Mars. But Rahu is also the planet of deception, drugs, blind ambition – and in the 9th house of morals and teaching, it can certainly corrupt them.

Joined exalted Mars, it pushed him to great heights and formed a powerful Raj Yoga. Mars is the exalted 7th and 12th lord showing fame in foreign pursuits (Tour de France).

lance armstrong - vedic astrology

lance armstrong – vedic astrology

Since his Jupiter dasa started in July 2012 he has been publicly disgraced. Jupiter is the planet of truth and Justice and his has come with a heavy burden.

Since Jupiter is the 8th house ruler in the 7th house, it is not hard to see why.

He has the look af a Taurus person and certainly models the “Saturn in the ascendant” quality – perseverance and determination are the hallmarks of his life and achievements. He also looks like Saturn, thin – also tall(ish) with Jupiter aspecting the ascendant also.

His bout with cancer, Tour de France victories, rise to fame, public life, marriages, divorces and kids are all discussed as I show why I have rectified the chart to have a birth time of 10:42 PM

10:42 PM
Plano, TX

What do you think?

Gets Cancer: Rahu/Rahu – joined Mars
Beats Cancer: Rahu/Jupiter – Planet of grace, rules exalted Venus in D9
Wins Tour de France / FAME: Rahu / Saturn – Raja Yoga in 1st, Ruler of exalted Mars
Marriage: Rahu/Jupiter – Lord of D9, and of exalted Venus in D9
Divorce: Rahu/Mercury – 7th lord in 6th in the D9, also the ruler of Mars in D9
Dating a Celebrity: Rahu / Ketu – Ketu joined Sun – prominence, but Sun is 6th lord
Breaking up with Celebrity: Rahu/Venus – 3rd and 8th lord in D9 in 1st
Birth of Child: Rahu/Sun – 4th lord in 5th exchanging with 5th lord and joined chart ruler – forming Raj Yoga
Fall from Grace: Jupiter Dasa, 8th lord in 7th (Rasi) – chart ruler joined Ketu in D10 – Ruler of rahu / Mars in D10. Transit of Debilitated Rahu over his Dasa lord / 8th lord in the 7th since Jupiter Dasa started in Summer 2012.

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