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Kala Sarpa Yoga Vedic AstrologyKala Sarpa Yoga Vedic Astrology
The “Serpent of Time” (Kala Sarpa) Yoga is one of the more dynamic placements in Vedic astrology. The Kala Sarpa Yoga is when all of the planets exists between the Nodes, on one side or the other. There are several ways to analyze this placement. But mainly we can say there are unconscious and confusing themes related to the House and Sign indicated by the Nodal placement – and the node in question.

Also, the Kala Sarpa is different depending on which end of the Node is Leading. Remembering that the Nodes move backwards, if all planets exist between Rahu and Ketu it will show a theme of new Karma’s beginning. If all planets exist between Ketu and Rahu there are themes of karma’s ending.

The nodes represent a confusing polarity, both personally and collectively. We must be careful not to judge the Nodes too harshly, for good or ill, until we closely inspect the planets they join and the other indications.

A person born with the Kala Sarpa Yoga will usually live a very transformative life, but maybe it will not be beneficial. The otherworldly energy of the Nodes must be channeled as a force for good in such nativities. Any planets joined either one of the Nodes in the Kala Sarpa Yoga become a strong catalyst for the transformation of the lifetime. By transit the Kala Sarpa Yoga shows a confusing and transformational time.

Now we can focus the nature of Ketu devouring the form of each planet this way:
Sun – Focus on transcendent personal power, not ego
Moon – Focus on pure feeling, not emotion
Mars – Focus on discipline and courage, not battles with others
Mercury – Focus on discrimination and truth, not details and stimulation
Jupiter – Focus on pure teaching and wisdom, not beliefs or issues being demagogued
Venus – Focus on pure beauty and devotion, not personal desire
Saturn – Focus on letting go and solitude, not control and clinging

Kala Sarpa Yoga Vedic Astrology – Video

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