Hurricane / Explosive Potential – Ardra Nakshatra
I don’t know the timing of this hurricane yet, but October 3rd into the 4th could be intense .. as the Moon moves from Mrigashira to Ardra Nakshatra ..

This is the same Moon transit of Hurricane Katrina, 911, 2004 Tsunami and many other natural (and man made) disasters. Ardra Nakshatra is literally about flooding. So, whenever I see this transit approaching, and heavy weather, especially rain, I take notice.

There are a few other important similarities. In the Katrina chart, Mars was aspecting Saturn and Mercury (In Cancer – a water sign). Now, Saturn is aspecting Mars, Venus and Jupiter (in Leo – a fire sign).

The difference in the elements (Water and Fire) tells me that this will not be as catastrophic to water-type things – but it could show serious flooding.

Yet, the potential for explosions and bombs going off and governments fighting is really high in October, due to the same Saturn aspect on the planets in Leo. Over the weekend, then through next week as the moon goes through Leo and Virgo we could see some real conflict and loss of life.


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