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“How To Give A Great Consultation”
6 Week Master Course Begins June 30
100% Accurate Predictions, Empowering Clients With Good Boundaries and Not Feeling Drained

“I have done more than 200 paid readings per year for more than 10 years. In this class I will focus on how to do readings that transform your clients life and YOUR LIFE too!”

100% Accurate PredictionsFull Confidence in What You Say.

Empowering Clients and YourselfBeyond Fear and Superstition

Good Boundaries – Not Getting DrainedClarity and not taking on client’s baggage

Benefit From Sam’s ExperienceLearn the secrets from thousands of readings

A Spider’s Web of Snags and Issues or my (more than a) decade of wall to wall reading experience.

“Let me help you with my decade of experience doing consultations.”

“Let me walk you through this spider web of snags. It is very easy to get stuck in these thorny issues.”

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“How to Give a Great Consultation”
Class Details

WHEN: June 30 – for 8 weeks
WHERE: Your Home
FORMAT: Video Classes and exclusive member site

The course will approach consultations in a twofold way.

First – “Astrology Counseling Session” Focus.

I will share the tips and tricks I have used to give professional, world-class astrology readings for more than a decade. This section of the course will focus on specifically getting the most out of your astrology sessions.

Second – “Astrology Technique” Focus.

I will give very detailed instruction on how to make your predictions really pop, and where to look for answers when you need to find out.

In the “Astrology Counseling Session” Focus Section You will learn:

Exactly what to say in all situations to clients, regardless of your ability to know for certain how to make a prediction.


Leave clients feeling super empowered after your readings, rather than more fearful and confused


Answer difficult questions clients ask you, where you can’t possibly know the outcome.

Deal with the “pressure” clients put on you
to “fix their life for them”, and how to empower them instead. This also takes the pressure off of you!

What to do when your client is lying to you or not being truthful with themselves, and you. How do you help people who are so confused? And more importantly, how do you not get sucked up in their confusion, and start believing their story.

What “karma” is, and what “astrology” is actually showing. These two basic points of confusion are also the highest leverage points for your practice and understanding and your ability to convey it through your readings.

How you are part of your clients karma, and what role you have to play in their journey. This also goes directly to maintaining proper boundaries and not overreaching with predictions.

The best way to frame your predictions so your success rate and accuracy skyrocket.

How to be 100% certain of everything you say
, and have it be 100% correct. (I know it sounds unbelievable, but it’s not) It requires a shift in your astrological perspective and an understanding of how to communicate correctly.

How to speak with equanimity and neutrality to both inspire people to see the bright side, and face their difficulties with grace.

Suggest remedies that people will “actually do”, rather than (or in addition to) to Mantras and practices from an alien culture.

How to establish a “good container” for your readings. This is crucial, as it allows you to stay in control of the interaction, rather than have it get away from you. Most of this is your “mindset”, but there are also specific techniques and time management skills that you must know.

Dealing with problem clients, projection, boundary issues, mental illness and things astrology cannot reach, etc. I have talked to many chart readers over the years, and it only takes a few really bad problem clients to sour us on the whole experience of astrological counseling. This is a huge subject and we will break it down, So you understand exactly what to do in every situation.

Finding the delicate balance between “counseling” (where the client is speaking and “processing”) and reading their chart/telling them what and why things are happening.

In the “Astrology Technique” Focus You will Learn:

The most streamlined techniques possible. These are my “go to” methods, developed over more than a decade, and after thousands of paid consultations.

Evaluating the 3 (or 4) Karakas, which allows you to focus in on a problem with great precision.


The secret sauce of timing factors. There are dashas, transits, aspects, yogas. How do you juggle it all? How do you filter through so many different possibilities? What do you tell the person now, that they most need to hear?

The role of Nakshatras in chart analysis and consultation.

A lot more. You will be seeing how I do readings and organize the voluminous amount of data.

Some Great Bonuses – Available Immediately

Video Archive From Advanced Chart Reading Weekend
– 18 Hours of Charts, Video and Audio

Learn the Foundations of Astrology in These Courses
– 24 Hours of Audio Classes and PDF Manuals

In Level 1 You Will Learn:
~ Basic and necessary Astronomy relative to Astrology ~ Foundational Spiritual / dharmic underpinnings of Astrology.
~ The nuts and bolts of the Vedic paradigm (Gunas, elements, malefic and benefic, what karma actually is, etc).
~ An integrated approach to Planets, signs and houses and making sense of the Astrology chart.
~ To form powerful and coherent Astrological sentences and synthesize them in a meaningful way.
~ Invaluable frameworks that allow you to break Vedic astrology down in to chunks of information that you can digest and explain to others.
~ To examine Astrology a Science which provides an architecture to study our self-development by acknowledging the Soul (planets) mind (signs) and body (houses) as its main references.
~ How each planet gives birth to a psychology so that we may understand their / our nature fully.
~ Then through the houses, our emobodied, worldy life takes shape and shows the scenarios that will challenge us to evolve – within this psychology – and toward our inherently truthful Self
~ Many case studies and examples with live class participants.
~ Much More.

In Level 2 You Will Learn:
~ Natural planetary relationships to each other – dignity (compound relationship)
~ Dasa systems – the timing periods and what they mean. ~ Certain combinations that almost guarantee there will be stress.
~ Special planetary conditions like exaltation, debilitation, combustion, retrograde motion, (what it is and what it does).
~ The effects of “dusthana houses” and their lords. They show the trouble we have or the trouble we avoid.
~ Important Yogas (combinations of planets) that bring strength or weakness.
~ Combining these elements with transits (current planetary movements).
~ Deeper understanding of the houses and their goal.
~ Much Much More.

“How To Give A Great Consultation” Bundle

~6 Week Guided Course
~ Advanced Chart Reading Weekend (18 Hrs)
~ Foundations of Astrology Course (24 hours)


Close to 10 Hours of Course material and 40 hours of Bonus Classes

ONLY $149.00