How Do You Explain Astrology to Non-Believers

We all encounter this problem in our everyday life.

In this video I describe how you can approach explaining astrology to others, especially “non-believers”.
I also describe “Why” you may be able to explain it to others.
I also describe the difference between belief and knowledge and why you may actually be contributing to the problem of keeping astrology as some weird belief system, in people’s minds.

How Do You Explain Astrology to Non-Believers – Video

A few things to know:

1. There is a lot of illusion where the Mercury / Jupiter principles overlap – the juncture between information / experience (Mercury), and belief and long-term hope and vision (Jupiter).
2. The reason you get tongue tied about explaining what astrology is or being able to explain even simple astrological factors to others (like a simple “Planets in Signs” descriptions) is because you do not actually understand it. You believe in the information and what you have heard, but there is no experiential connection to it directly.

3. Once you go deeper into the process of organizing the data you have gathered (Mercury) and connecting it to actual wisdom, with a Guru to teach you (Jupiter), you will also be able to explain it.
4. Once you are able to explain it, then of course, that means you understand and you will also be able to benefit from it, tangibly – rather than just in the abstract.
5. Once that happens you can also help others with the knowledge of astrology.

It is for this reason that I make available all of the free classes and courses and more formal certifications. You may be saying to yourself that you do not want to be an astrologer, but that is not the reason to study. Everyone is not interested in being an astrologer, but everyone is interested in their place in the Cosmos, including you. Everyone is also supremely interested in helping others. When you study astrology, and learn it well enough to understand your place in the Universe, it is not long before you are helping others do the same, and teaching them as well. I will tell you from experience, there is nothing more rewarding that I know of than to help a person understand their place in the Universe.

Seriously consider studying astrology.