Honoring Everything People Are Going Through

There’s a fine line to walk, when giving readings, between honoring the person’s path and process and judging them – or even appearing to judge them.

Honoring Everything – Video

Many times, without intending to do so, we get into situations that seem judgmental to the person. In fact, they are judgmental. Even though we may not be aware of it, we are being judgmental.

Often, out of a desire to help people, we unknowingly judge what they’re doing. For instance, when someone is in a difficult relationship, it’s easy to make it seem like the person is “making a mistake”.

Once we understand astrology correctly, we know that people never make mistakes. Every person is doing exactly what they should be doing at every moment. If astrology does not reaffirm this to you, as an astrologer or student, then you need to get clear about how astrology works and what astrology actually is.

The biggest mistakes occur the higher up we go on the ladder of principles. Meaning, the clearer we are in our larger principles and concepts, the clearer we will be on these basic truths or frameworks.

For instance, once we remember that everything and everyone is on an evolutionary path, then we will automatically remember that every situation is for the greater good. In that case, we need only truly understand the highest good of every astrological situation, and then explain that to the person.

Also, it’s really important that an astrologer understands the role of astrology in a person’s life, and understand the limits of their influence as an astrologer.

Seriously consider studying astrology so you can first get clear about the universal good in all situations, and know that for yourself. Then later you can share that wisdom with others.

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