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Full Moon in Capricorn Guru Purnima

The New and Full Moon’s are the true life cycles that influence – each month – and / or every 2 weeks. On Tuesday June 19 we will have a full moon in Capricorn. This full moon in Capricorn is also the Guru Purnima (Full moon of the Guru/teacher) this year. On this day we can much more easily grasp the deeper meaning of our teachings than on any other day. The Moon is our mind and consciousness. When it is full at this time of the year enormous breakthroughs are possible wit hyour teachers.

You do not have a Gurus?,.. Sure You Do!
We are all following some kind of teacher or teaching. Whether we just learn through the School of “Hard Knocks” or a spiritual teacher in robes. We are all learning and growing in one way or another. But what are we learning? What lessons are we getting from ife’s setbacks and (most importantly) who are we quoting on Facebook?

Are we quoting, Gandhi, Yogananda or George Carlin or Bernie or Donald Trump,.. or?,.. We all have teachers and philosophies that are important to us. Now is time of year when we can actually see the truth of where those philosophies are taking us.ONTRAPORT___Messages

This full moon is in Uttara Ashada Nakshatra, which is the Nakshatra that guarantees our later victories. This Nakshatra is ruled by the Vishwa Devas, “the universal gods”. These universal gods include time, desire, action, and other universal principles. It is those universal principles that we apply after we nurture the seeds shown earlier. This guarantees the “later victory” and whether or not we manifest things the way we want – and exactly how we manifest them. So, relative to how much our actions are related to truth or “Dharma” and that we commit to them – and work hard (which is karma) do we get results. These things determine the integrity of the results we get. So this is a very rich metaphor for the full moon now.

Rather than just enjoying life, it’s time to be willing to sacrifice for those things that are meaningful. The willingness to do that is the nature of Saturn, who will also be aspecting the moon as he moves through Capricorn for the next couple of days. In addition we have a powerful Mercury and Venus aspecting the moon as it’s going through Capricorn. So this brings a lot of creativity now.

This is also a very good time for the next couple of days to talk things out with others – to work things out with your partners or maybe people who you’ve had some difficulties with lately. It is Tuesday, which is ruled by Mars, so you might find there could be some confrontational situations. But it’s good for disciplined actions, like yoga. So be careful if you get into conflict today and tomorrow especially

Full Moon Guru Purnima

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