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Full Moon in Scorpio May 21, 2016
Personal and Natural Disasters and Redemption

We have a full Moon in Scorpio, joined both Mars and Saturn on May 21 – which shows a lot of personal and natural volatility and stress through the upcoming weekend.

On the worldly level, this could mean man-made or natural disasters, like earthquakes, fires floods. Of course, the human contribution to such things include things exploding, terror, beheadings, etc.
However, this stress and pressure is simply the entry point into something deeper and profoundly gorgeous, at least on the human level. It really is. I’m not just saying this to try to put “lipstick on a pig”.
Full Moon in Scorpio May 21, 2016
Scorpio is the sign of emotional depth and courage and consistent devotion that is unwavering. However, this gem is only revealed after we face our mortal terror, and we all have it. Everyone is terrified of dying, terrified of our loved ones dying. Yet, everyone you know will one day be dead and so will you. We all know this, yet we act as if we don’t. We pretend. Not only that, we try to control external situations and people, as if they are going to last forever.

The pain and pathology of this tragic flaw in our human character is revealed in Scorpio – but so is the redemption. In facing this most fearful and vulnerable part of ourselves, we can transform it into enormous emotional strength (Scorpio = Mars ruling Fixed Water), but only after we have the courage to face it and release fear and anger into the depths of compassion.

So now, not only will the moon be full in Scorpio, it will be joined Saturn (that planet of pressure and stress) and Mars (the planet of aggression).

A few key issues:
Forgiveness of Others.
We all have our grievances against those who mistreated us. The more you hang on to those things, the more imprisoned you are. And no, I’m not talking about “forgiveness of yourself”. We forgive ourselves of everything very quickly. The ego is a master of spin and hiding out in our justifications.
* note
I think almost every time I post something about forgiveness, there are endless responses that say “what about forgiveness of our self”. I actually think we need more of the opposite. I think most people need much more “accountability”.

The past will imprison you if you do not release your anger over your parents, your siblings, your failed romantic partners, this person/that person. The more you’re able to let it all go, the more you’re able to be present.

Personal Courage.
We all know the truth, yet we are afraid to face it and act in accordance with what we know is right. Every day, every breath is one day and breath closer to the death of this body. You incarnated here to try to learn the truth of who you are. Yet, instead of facing this boldly, we waste time, usually in pursuit of ephemeral pleasures. Of course it is important to enjoy life, but be honest with yourself, 99% of your life revolves around enjoying yourself and being happy. This leads to a world that mainly revolves around other people, where there is almost no solitude, introspection, and discipline towards higher consciousness and connecting with what is beyond, connecting with your true self.

Friendship and Work.
The fixed nature of Scorpio leads to enormous devotion, particularly in situations where our “personal desires” are not on the line. For instance, with our friends or our gurus/teachers we feel enormous gratitude and are willing to stay connected and face our own unpleasantness (rather than projected that onto others).
Also, when doing the great work of our life we bring the same commitment, Because we love that work more than we love “saving our skin” or “winning”. So, now is a great time to be a good friend, connect with your teachings or teachers or immerse yourself in the fulfilling work that is your souls calling.

Combust Venus and Purification of Desires
I’ve seen quite a few posts recently about Venus combust, and frankly, I think most of them miss the mark. A combust planet is becoming “purified” of its worldly/physical qualities. You need only look at the astronomy of the combust planet to understand this. It is furthest away from the earth (our worldly experience of it) with its rays passing through the sun (the spiritual/pure essence).

Have you noticed a deeper contentment with people, yet less “personal desires” attached to them? For example, you may be noticing a lot more “overall appreciation” for the people/partners in your life, yet without all of the “romantic/sexual charge” that usually accompanies that appreciation.
This is shown by combust Venus moving into Taurus.

Lunation Cycles and Natural Disasters
It is been well-known for a long time that many seismic shifts occur very close to full moons or new moons, full moons especially. This is due to a very simple principle, gravity. It is true that planets do not have much gravitational influence on the earth. However, the sun and moon exert enormous gravity on the earth and when we have a full moon, the sun is pulling on one side and the moon is pulling on the other side – like a tug of war.

In addition, when Jupiter, Saturn and Mars also “Square”, join or oppose lunation cycles, especially full moons, there can be increased seismic activity as well. When these alignments occur in fixed astrological signs, the likelihood increases even more for seismic activity. Also, when the nodes also square the lunation axis, especially with Jupiter also relating with that square, even more potential exists.

All of these conditions are present now. Thus, there could be some increased seismic activity over the next several days to a week or so.

Full Moon in Scorpio May 21, 2016 – VIDEO

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