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On Wednesday, November 25, 2015, the moon will be full in Taurus, its sign of exaltation. This full moo will occur at approximately 9 Taurus, creating a full moon – the balancing point of the Scorpio cycle, related to emotional intensity and growth.

Full Moon in Taurus – November 25, 2015 – Video


Taurus Sign – More info here

The moon will be full in Taurus on Wednesday November 25, 2015. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, where there is a greater possibility of peace and connection than normal. Taurus is ruled by Venus expressing her feminine side. It’s the earth quality of Venus which shows a very strong sensual nature and a nature that is interested in gathering and holding on to pleasure and happiness. Venus is the planet of happiness and pleasure, and through the sign of Taurus, she reflects upon these ideas and creates an inner environment of duty and order. Venus also – More info heretaurus

Kritikka NakshatraMore info here
This Full moon is in the Nakshatra of Krittika, the cutter, where can cut through the attachment in the mind. The god is Agni and in the Vedas, Agni was the most celebrated of all of the deities. He is the one who purifies our heart and intention. In a Vedic fire ceremony, you take and offer things into the fire and you are really offering your impurities to be burnt up in the fire pit of truth. This is an external display that is meant to evoke the internal Puja (worship) of offering your impurities into – More info here

Scorpio Sun SignMore info here
Now is a great time to harmonize the intensity of Sun/Mercury in Scorpio toward deeper peace and stillness. Scorpio is ruled by Mars reflecting upon himself. The nature of Mars is to bring strength and for Scorpio, Mars brings strength to the emotions. Scorpio is a water sign which is related to the emotions and it’s also a fixed sign which wants to stabilize. Somehow Mars tries to stabilize the watery emotions through Scorpio. Of course, this is very difficult because the emotions are always changing and those who we have invested in emotionally are also always changing. So Scorpio tends to worry about those things they are emotionally involved in and try to control those situations and people. They are notorious for being – More info here


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