The full Moon in Taurus will be a time to balance the intensity of Scorpio (Sun and Saturn), with peace and stability. We can relax into a deeper contentment now and feel into the heart without fear and worry.

This Full Moon is in Mrigashira nakshatra, ruled by the God Soma, the God of the immortal nectar. There is an innocent searching quality to this Nakshatra. In Taurus the quest is slower and more related to worldly happiness and pleasure.

Thus now is a great time to feel the transcendent beauty of the world, and connect to the depth of your heart.

There is also an aspect from Saturn and Jupiter onto to this Full Moon, making it a time of inspiration, duty and commitment.

Now is a good time to reconnect with the deep, silent, inspiring, unmoving center.

Full Moon in Taurus – December 13, 2016 – VIDEO