There will be a full moon in Cancer on Saturday, January 23, 2016; this will be in the Nakshatra cancer_astrology_symbol_-_Google_Search 2of Pushya. This full moon is a time to harmonize the serious and practical nature of Capricorn with the more emotional and intuitive quality of cancer. These long winter days are good for introspection and facing inner truths. Yet, the end of January it can seem like a long haul. Summer seems like a lifetime away. It seems like there is work, sleep and little else.

So along comes the full moon to re-sensitize us to less practical matters. Emotions may run deep now. Connections to family and friends will be important.

Pushya Nakshatra
This full moon happens in Pushya Nakshatra, related to the breasts. This shows the nurturing quality of cancer. Now is a time to connect with selfless love, as we experience with children, pets and others from whom we want nothing in return.

Full Moon in Cancer – Video

Jupiter / Rahu Conjunction
The exact conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu in Leo is also very important now. We can see shifting tides in governments, politics, our relationship with our teachers, and even in the surprising and unexpected passing of cultural icons like David Bowie and Glenn Frey.

Saturn in Scorpio
The pressure of Saturn in Scorpio, since the end of 2014, is building up – and ready for a Mars explosion. Pretty soon we will not be able to manage or control the tenuous and worrisome circumstances worrying us.