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Lots of people who are coming to get astrology readings are terrified of just the mention of the name “Saturn” and his influence in their lives. Out of all the planets, maybe just Saturn is the most mystical and planet that we are so afraid of. And why is that?

Saturn is the planet of fear. It is the significator of death and disease. It gives separation and ugliness. Saturn takes things away. When his dasha comes, people are losing things. They are losing homes, relationships are falling apart, marriages get destroyed. He can bring illness and diseases. He makes us feel very worried and anxious. He makes us feel very scared and lost. He is so “well known” that I have heard hundred of times from people who don’t know anything about astrology things like: “I know Saturn, its terrible”, or “just don’t tell me there is Saturn after me”, or people who are going to their first reading – “am I in Sade Sati?? Please tell me I am not..”
When it comes to Saturn, fear is the main driver. His tamasic nature can give us excessive physical worry and material accumulation – we can think – if I get lots of stuff, I will be safe. What we can experience is fear of not having enough, so we want to get a lot, we want it all. Mostly, lots of fears that are rising up in Saturn are not real – they are mostly threatening our ego. Saturn is the only planet that can give us direct insight to the truth – he can show us the truth in a really harsh and quick, but sincere way.

Saturn can take our clothes off and show who or what we really are, without any mask. He is like our shadow – he raises to the surface what is suppressed in us, and mostly, when we became aware of this, it is often too late.
Saturn is our greatest teacher, the only problem with that is that we are not ready to learn when his influence gets into our life. He will try to teach us that we have to embrace and learn the power of discipline and solitude and he is the first one to show us that nothing is real in the outer world and that everything must come to an end. How much are we attached to our little world of comfort, that is how great our terror is of Saturn. That is why it is called the planet of bad karma.

Once we truly learn the lesson of Saturn, we are able to overcome the obstacles in our life and to transform things. How much are we going to get it depends on where is Saturn placed in our chart and of course lots of other factors. We only need to be afraid of Saturn if we feel too much attached or depended to things or some issues in our life. Therefore Saturn is there to teach us we need to lose that and that we cannot maintain that. That is his greatness – let it go, and I will show you the great stuff. Remember – whatever Saturn takes away, it was supposed to be taken and you don’t need it. The greatest truth lies in there.

Like my friend ones said – goodbye, Sade Sati, and – thank You for everything.

BIO: Iva Zadrović is a writer and a certified Vedic astrologer by the American Academy of Vedic Arts and Sciences (AAVAS) led by Sam Sadasiva Geppi, founder of AAVAS, Currently living and working in Croatia.

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