Sun PlanetEvolving the Sun as Power of Self

In Vedic Astrology the Sun, or Surya, is the Power of the Self which arises from within the Soul and shines into the world. Its placement by sign and house in the Natal Chart shows the Karmic expressions that are most strongly arising through its motivations, and the areas of life it is most inclined to direct its Power into and through.

As part our Psychology, it is most connected to our Sense of Self, or the Identity that we most associate with our own Self Expression. And, like with all the planets, there is a natural evolution or process of growth and maturity that the Sun must work through. The primary question that the Sun brings about as it evolves is “Who am I and what is the True Source of My Power?”

The most common Self identity is as the individual person which operates in the world. Yoga calls this place of “small self” or “limited self” identification the Ahamkara. This term literally means the “Little I-Maker”. The Ahamkara is the collection of Karmas that the Soul has brought with it into this lifetime and forms the Ego or the outer personality of the individual.

As the one Source of Light, the Sun functions to bring about awareness. It shines light into the world so we can experience it. And it also shines light into our own inner experience of mind, desire and sense of self. It is through this Inner Light of the Sun that deeper awareness arises, and we are given the experience and capacity to see beyond the limitations of the Ego.

As the light of the Sun shines into the inner world of Karmas of thoughts and desires, the fire of the Sun creates a Purifying effect. We can see what areas are being purified within the Birth Chart by noting the Sign and the House where the Sun is located, as well as any planets that are joined the Sun. Within these areas, The Heat and the Fire sun slowly burns away limitations and the false sense of Self and there comes about a change in the personality.

The Stages of the Sun’s Evolution

The common path of this evolutionary process is a change and expansion of where and how we identify Sense of Self and the Source of Power. In the early stages, we will identify mostly with our Body and our outer expression of personality as being “self” and will believe our power is a function of the body and the Ego. In this stage we may feel directionless and uninspired, or lack confidence or a clear sense of power. But, still seeking a connection to a sense of power, we may seek to assert our power through more physical means.

As the process progresses, we become more aware of the Power of the Mind and Emotions, and begin to develop a sense of Self that seeks pleasure and recognition through Ego. Here the personality may seek to become “center of the universe” and can become selfish and self serving. This could lead towards a domineering or egocentric expression as we seek to maintain the illusion of individual power through our pursuits.

The final stage of the evolutionary process begins to reveal the True Source of Power as being Spirit or the Divine Self which is beyond the limitations of Body and Mind. Here we begin to understand that a Selfish approach to life doesn’t actually create the happiness we are seeking. That in order to find deeper happiness, we must learn to serve as a vehicle for the happiness of others as well. As this deeper Self identification arises, an inspiration arises to serve the Self in others and also a willingness to sacrifice the needs of the Ego for the needs of the greater good. Here Power is seen as arising from the Deeper Self or Spirit and seeks to illumine and serve Truth.

Through this process, the individual goes through various stages of learning how to find genuine confidence and to connect to the Universal Power of the True Self, rather than try to operate through the limited power of the Ego. The placement of the Sun in the chart will show the karmic areas where identification and the exploration of power are being expressed, explored and purified. It shows where we must reclaim and reconnect with Authentic Power.

The Sun as Karaka of Self and Career

In connection with these themes, the Sun teaches us about True Self and can show the stage of evolution we are in. As such, the Sun is the natural Karaka (indicator) of Self and can be used in connection with the Lagna and Lagna Lord to fine tune the personality, the motivations and interests of the individual.

Additionally, it is a natural Karaka of Career which can be assessed in connection to the 10th house and 10th house lord. From this perspective, the Sun reveals our reputation, our level of fame and prestige and the genuine level of Power we have to radiate into the world. Is also shows whether that Power is used for Selfish gains, or if it helps us evolve into the 11th house in a genuine way of using our Highest Goals and Aspirations in service of the collective.

Through this process of evolution and purification, the Sun serves as both the True Source of Power and the True Self. Over time, the attachments and false identifications of the lower personality are burned away through the Purification process. The Ego is reduced to ashes, and it is revealed that the Ego, the small self, and even the reputation in the world were like clouds in the sky covering over the True Source of Light and Truth. When the clouds have been removed, the Nature of Self is discovered to be the Sun itself.

What has been your experience of Evolution and Purification by the Sun?

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Jeff Craft (Kali Das) is a certified Vedic astrologer through the American Academy of Vedic Arts and Sciences (AAVAS), and was selected by Sam Geppi to be an Assistant Teacher for his Astrology Certification Courses. Outside of his work with Sam, Jeff is the Founder and Director of the Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga.

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