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  1. Jeanine Ligon

    Whet my appetite! You are very down to earth and real, right here right now in this karmic journey that leads us to perfection. You have my attention and at some point I would like to take your classes and have you do the charts of myself and those that I am involved with karmically in tight and testy relationships, that I would rather walk away from, but we are interwoven very tightly karmically. May the Lord bless and keep you. Jeanine

    • samgeppi

      "I would like to take your classes"

      Great Jeanine, I will be glad to have you as a student!

  2. Robyn

    Thanks Sam, for shining a light on vedic astrology and including western information, I've been
    interested for years and you make the bits and pieces start to fit into a clearly forming picture.
    In deep appreciation for your service, I get a better glimpse of who I am meant to be……

  3. Kit Oldfield

    My comments usually drip and drool with sycophantic praise for you, Sadsiva , our teacher! But today I'm going to be totally cool and just say… Yes, Sam, you seem to be getting quite good at this stuff. But if you don't make it as an astrologer you could make a living as a waterfront cameraman! Thanks for your contributions to this blog 😉

    • samgeppi

      Kit, You are as awesome as ever. So great to see you still here, sticking around for the long haul. I am honored to have you in my corner.

  4. mary fitzsimons

    im quite familiar with western astro but a beginner in jyotish.good framework, but are parts missing? a lot on what 3rd house means, but what about the other houses? there were snippets on 1st, 5th.sorry if im the only one being critical, but its frustrating being a beginner and wanting to grasp the system but not seeing the pattern. I get the cyclic part of who cycles repeat themselves, but(see above comment) what are the dharma, kama, artha and moksha houses?i have a first house mercury . mary

    • Reinald

      If Sam doesn't have the time to answer this one. I'm a Vedic astrologer as well, but continuously learning, from Sam as well as other teachers.
      Dharma houses are houses 1 (Self) 5 (morals and ethics) and 9 (Beliefssystems)
      Artha: houses 2 (income), 6 (daily struggles) and 10 (carreer)
      Kama: houses 3 (personal desire), 7 (relationships) and 11 (long term goals)
      Moksha houses 4 (inner peace), 8 (transformation) and 12 (liberation)
      They all reflect our basic needs to be ourselves, truthful persons (dharma), fulfill our wordly responsabilities (artha), enjoy ourselves (kama) and finally find a way to liberate our souls (moksha)

      Hope that this answers your question.

      Reinald (from Holland)

      • samgeppi

        Thanks Reinald,
        Mary, yes there are a lot of things missing — I cannot teach every possible thing in the free videos.. but as I said over and over, I go into these deeper paradigms in the actual course.. In fact that is really what it is intiailly.. Planets, Signs and houses all examined and dissected through the Universal / Spiritual paradigms.. and as I said they are UNIVERSAL paradigms, not just Vedic ones and the underpin ALL systems, not just the Vedic system.

        So mary, thanks a lot for your comments and you are not being negative.. I hear your excitement to know more and frustration at not knowing it.. rest assured you will learn in my certification course.

  5. sav

    Thanks Sam for reminding me the basics….dharma artha kama and moksha and how they are related with houses but one thing always puzzled me why the 6th and 10th houses are considered to signify artha because when we try to gaze how wealthy a person is then we look at 2nd and 11th house

  6. nancy melamed

    very illuminating explanation…thank you for this…truly appreciate it. Namaste

  7. Chris Apostolou

    Wow Sam, what a great presentation of the framework that really accentuates the beauty and strength of Astrology. I really liked the video and learned so much. Triple thanks and keep up the good work. 🙂

  8. sam

    Thanks guys, yes – the frameworks are the real key building a powerful practice.

  9. Medhya

    Great stuff Sam, this is a wonderful way of drilling down and understanding the framework of astrology. As you say, we need to build our understanding of astrology on a strong framework

  10. dan

    Im glad I am now in a spirituality not just based upon assumptions, but scientific principals. Reminds me of some kind of math or geometry, it is not simple like modern religion teaches. I will probably look more into this in the winter. I am working on a tower- - main blog- You are doing good work Sam, Nameste


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