Beginning at the end of 2015 I described the dynamic between Rahu in Leo and Ketu in Aquarius. I described this dynamic as a very strong focus on “where we find our power centers, both personally and socially”. Since then, in the United States, we elected a very “Leo” figure, who is a strong “nationalist”, which is another strong Leo characteristic.

This solar eclipse in Aquarius is in contrast to the “power center” of Leo. Aquarius is the sign of “the people” and “culture”. On a global/social scale, we are seeing these big questions of “globalism versus nationalism” playing out.

In the United States we are now seeing an enormous backlash against the populist policies of “45”. Congressional leaders are showing up at town hall meetings, greeted by extremely loud protesters, overflowing their Townhall buildings. The opposition from the people is big. In contrast to that however, is the state/administration lashing out at “the media”, and other institutions meant as a check and balance against imperialistic authority. The courts, the intelligence, other countries have all been in the crosshairs of the current regime in the US.

So, this battle between the state and the people is being clearly shown by the eclipse in Aquarius, and we are seeing the people voicing strong opposition.

On a personal level, this refers to your power center, and where you are “king” in your own life.
How do you handle power?
Are you in service to something higher, thereby extending this power?
Are you in service to something higher, or do you feel like a servant to those oppressive forces you can overcome?

These are important questions now, and he will be for the next six months.

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