These last couple of weeks have been somewhat devastating to the newly minted president Trump. Setting aside false allegations/lies about widespread voter fraud, numerous false allegations against the media, tweets attacking judges and more, the “travel ban” debacle was just reversed the day before Friday’s lunar eclipse. This travel ban itself would be an embarrassing setback, although one he can rectify it by issuing another, more constitutionally sound, EO (and will in this reporter’s opinion).

But in addition to this “travel ban” setback, what I reported a month ago as a potential “ticking bomb” is getting closer and closer to being set off. This bomb is the leaked “dossier” that we learned about on January 10. Numerous news outlets are now reporting that US investigators are corroborating certain parts of the dossier. In fact, it is the most damning parts that seem to be corroborated more and more.

According to CNN’s Jim Scuitto and Evan Perez:
“None of the newly learned information relates to the salacious allegations in the dossier. Rather it relates to conversations between foreign nationals. The dossier details about a dozen conversations between senior Russian officials and other Russian individuals. Sources would not confirm which specific conversations were intercepted or the content of those discussions due to the classified nature of US intelligence collection programs.”

Intercepts from foreign nationals confirm some of the details in the memo. They were able to verify and track communications from the same individuals, at the same times and places as outlined in the dossier. This gives them a much “greater confidence” in certain parts of the memo. Many of these individuals are the same ones who are known to be influential in damaging Hillary Clinton’s campaign and had already been on the “intelligence radar”. This is why it was easier to track/verify certain contacts and events in the dossier. Essentially, the intelligence community have been tracking the same information and events as the British agent in the dossier.

When Sean Spicer, the White House Communications director was told about this news, he said:
“We continue to be disgusted by CNN’s fake news reporting”.

Realize this, if it is revealed that the Trump campaign was having direct conversations with Russia, it is a treasonous act and impeachable. Full Stop. That is it, game over. Proving that, or the correspondences/conversations rising to that level of proof, especially with the knowledge that Trump knew it was happening, is another thing. But if those things are ever proven, it’s game over – especially considering Donald Trump literally calling on Russia to hack Hillary Clinton and leak it to the press during the campaign.

By the way, there are already at least two congressional panels said to investigate these allegations, aside from this reporting. One at least, has the power of subpoena, which is very formidable. The story is definitely not going away.

My Opinion Based on Trump’s Behavior
For expediency, I will restate what I said in January. I do believe, based on Trumps behavior toward Russia, that these allegations are entirely plausible. Never have we seen a president refuse at any time to criticize Russia, even once. Not only that, he appoints a Secretary of State who was awarded a medal from Putin for negotiating oil deals for Russia. The entire Russian economy is based on these oil contracts, and Rex Tillerson has absolutely no qualifications to be Secretary of State. So, why does the president appoint a Secretary of State whose career is mainly based on negotiating lucrative international oil deals for Russia/Putin/Russian oligarchs?

The Astrology – To Backtrack A Little (If you are interested in my predictions)

At the time the dossier was released, the seriousness of the implications were lost in a few salacious details. Of course, Trump denied all of it, called it “fake news” (in fact it was the story that really fueled his current “fake news” fervor). He falsely attacked certain media outlets, especially CNN (who did not report the salacious sections of the memo and were in fact very careful in their reporting). At the time many thought it would fade from consciousness. But I did not. Especially knowing that the eclipses were about to hit him.

At the time (January 10) I said this:
“It has not taken a genius to see that Trump was also going to be targeted and hurt by hackers (most likely Russian), and leaks himself (from intel sources and Wikileaks perhaps) once in office.

The US intelligence agencies know the truth about Trump and he better be careful disrespecting their intelligence gathering the way he has. Let’s see what happens when his taxes, business dealings and connections to Russian oligarchs (and who knows what else) is made public. I am sure Putin will deny the hacking and/or “anonymous intel sources” will leak this (or Wikileaks perhaps) and make Trump look very bad – which will be a dangerous thing.

But I predict something like this will happen, maybe by the end of February or shortly after, when the Solar Eclipse hits in his 7th house. If it is not HIM getting hacked and compromised, then we will see a huge uproar over him and his refusal to accept US intel.”

,… and this:
“The person who compiled this informal brief is a credible British intel source who lived in Russia for many years. I also doubt that anyone would be shocked if even the most salacious parts of the report WERE true.

But the allegations that he and his campaign would have been in contact with Russian agents while they were engaged in hacking / espionage is Treason. Whether you like it, or care, or know (which I doubt that you do) that would be an impeachable offense and would disqualify him to be POTUS. Again, anyone who has tracked Drumpf’s behavior during the entire political season would not be surprised at all to learn that he and his campaign was in cahoots with Russia.

His previous campaign manager worked for a pro-Russian Ukranian leader, he is now appointing Tillerson (a Russian shill who negotiated the huge Oil contract between Exxon and Russia) to be Sec of State – even though he has NO EXPERIENCE. This looks like a total payback for a favor, or a hedge against blackmail. His son’s and Drumpf also have been on record before as saying they have done a lot of business in Russia.

How plausible it is that Russia has intel on him that they are using as leverage? Very plausible.
How plausible is it that Dem and Repub opponents concerned about this hired a PI to investigate last year?
Very plausible.
How plausible is it that the raw report is mixed with some exaggerated claims and hearsay (things that maybe never happened, or would be hard to prove even if they did – minus video proof)? Very plausible.”

Fast Forward to NOW – Secrets, leaks, lies and losses (12th house) Mounting

In the last couple weeks we have experienced a stunning amount of leaks lies and losses from the White House.
LEAKS: It is stunning to see so much leaking from this White House, probably from the inner circle. Information about how he watches too much television, he gets tired and cranky, he wanders around lonely in his bathrobe, not to mention on almost every policy and EO. Steve Bannon constructing executive orders and Trump doesn’t even know the content, details of phone call with world leaders and arguments with them. In itself this is odd, but it shows a deeper lack of cohesion, coherence and togetherness at the White House, which is troubling no matter what your view is of him.

LIES: This administration is completely eroding the expectation of honesty. Whether it’s Kellyann Conway and her litany of “alternative facts” or Sean Spicer’s daily news briefs, full of factual gymnastics, or of course the Prez himself, claiming election fraud, inflated crime rates, and constantly distorting any fact that gets in the way of his opinion, twitter attacking judges, department stores and anyone elsewho gets under his skin.

LOSSES: The immigration ban was a loss. The military action in Yemen was a loss (including unfortunately a loss of an American SEAL and close to 30 Yemenis), KellyAnne Conway lies and embarrassing interviews are a loss.

,… BUT THERE IS MORE – Flynn and the Logan Act
To complicate things even more, on eclipse day it was learned Michael Flynn, the president’s national security advisor may have violated a very important, but obscure, law, call the Logan act. Essentially, it is illegal for any private citizen to negotiate with a foreign government. It is already known that Michael Flynn had a conversation with the Russian Amb. the same day then president Obama stiffened sanctions against Russia. There was a concern that he would have communicated to the Russian ambassador to “not worry” about the sanctions, as they would be lessened once the current admin took office.

Although this is not likely to be prosecuted, it looks ugly and bad, Especially in light of everything in the Russian dossier that I’ve already mentioned.

The Astrology of It All.
In January I predicted, as we get nearer the solar eclipse, these things would explode more. It makes perfect sense that the lunar eclipse before the solar eclipse I mentioned, could start this process (the eclipse cycle this time leads with the lunar eclipse we are seeing now).

These eclipses falling in difficult houses for Trump portends a lot of this trouble. It totally makes sense to see all of these “12th house” themes arriving in anticipation of the next eclipse. We are seeing all of these leaks and lies and difficulties showing up now, as Trump is in a sixth house cycle, with the sun in Capricorn, (The six sign from Leo, his ascendant) which shows how well we are managing all the details in our life. That includes how well we manage the people that manage the details in our life.
Are we surrounded by enemies who betray us? (to the media perhaps)
Are we surrounded by loyalists?
Do we treat people with respect when they oppose us?

These themes are important when we run a sixth house cycle Each year.

As we see with Trump, he is not surrounded with loyalists, but with opportunists. They are out to save their skin, not serve his message. In fact, Trump has surrounded himself with people who are generally at odds with each other. It is well-known that he likes to watch people argue, and then sort through the arguments to find a course of action. Let’s assume that works well for him in business (although that’s debatable). It does not work well in governance, to have competing factions, loyal to their ideology (not president’s) with no past history To him or each other, and no affection or loyalty to the leader.

Also, he does not manage details or words very well (other 6th house virtues). So there is constant confusion and disarray. Then, at times like this, on the full moon/eclipse, we have to bear the results of those decisions, for good or ill. At times like this, when people manage six house events well, there is relaxation, bliss, escaping into something “dreamlike” and otherworldly, taking a vacation from all the problems of the world and the difficulties and enemies. Parties and celebrations are also part of the 12 house, where we escape from all of the hard work for a while.

Final Thoughts – Conflicts of Interest, “Letting go” of People and Looming Scandals
For the next couple of week’s it would be interesting to watch what happens with these investigations and potential scandals that are coming to light. I would not be surprised to see some changes in the inner circle. It has already been mentioned that Sean Spicer might be replaced, and they will hire a professional “spokesman”. Ms. Conway also may be downgraded. I would not be surprised even see Steve Bannon curtailed a little bit, as it must be very hard for Trump to listen to people describing Steve Bannon as a puppetmaster. Trunk will not be “eclipsed” by anyone, at least in his own mind, and that is surely happening now.

We must keep our eye on these investigations into conflicts of interest and the leaked dossier, And hold elected officials accountable for investigating these things. We are now seeing a lot of pressure being brought to bear on the House oversight committee chairman, Jason Chaffetz to not sweep this stuff under the rug anymore and “Do his Job” by investigating the unprecedented conflicts of interest shown by the president. If you remember, this is the guy who stated that if Hillary Clinton were elected president there would be “at least two years of investigations” right out of the gate, just based on the email scandal and Clinton foundation scandal.

Here is an excellent article by Republican journalist SE Cupp about the hypocrisy with the Republicans in Congress now, not holding Donald Trump accountable for putting up a firewall between his businesses in honoring the emoluments clause.

Inauguration Chart

On January 20, 2017 Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

Notable on that day are three planets sandhi (last or first degrees), (I am including Jupiter at 28:33) either the last degree in their current sign or the 1st° of their new sign.

When planets are at the last degree, or extremely close to it, their energy is less “together”. A good analogy is when you are moving/changing residence. Half of your things are in boxes, you feel totally in transition and not quite settled. After 1°or before 29° (at bare minimum) the energy settles down.

Mars is changing signs, moving from Aquarius into Pisces today. This may portend more peace and less combativeness than we expect. It also may show confusion / disarray and escapism from facts/precision (negative qualities of Pisces).

Saturn is at the very last degree of Scorpio, about to enter Sagittarius on January 26. This could show less emotional/psychological manipulation (the negative qualities Scorpio) and more commitment to an inspired vision (higher qualities of Sagittarius) then we may expect. But it may also show the last vestiges of the darkness, fear and manipulation of the recent political campaign. It is my opinion that those same tactics will be disastrous for his presidency, as the upcoming transit of Saturn into Sagittarius will demand a more hopeful vision.

Jupiter is almost at the very last degree of Virgo, showing less attention to detail / precision and more emphasis on social concerns.

Also, based on exact degrees, Mars is casting a very tight 8th house aspect (though the aspect is now separating) to Jupiter from the sixth and 12 houses (on the cusp of the 5th and 11th houses). I interpret this to show quite a lot of battles ahead (Mars) especially ideological battles (Jupiter) about policy and the soon to be president’s ethical conflicts of interest.

The exchange between Jupiter and Mercury is probably the most positive part of this chart, Especially considering Mercury is in the ninth house. This shows the potential for cooperation between practical and ideological concerns. Trump will likely try to find practical solutions, to what he sees as big problems. He may be surprisingly bipartisan (infuriating Republicans even) if he thinks it will advance the agenda he thinks is correct.

However, Mercury is a vicious, functional malefic for an Aries chart, ruling the third and sixth houses of self-will and ego (third house) and combativeness (sixth house). It shows the Aries tendency to use language and ideas for arguments, when they are better in action. This may show Trump using his words, language, and skills at propaganda (Mercury) to either benefit or detract from the principles (ninth house) of the country. Of course, that benefit or detraction is largely based on one’s political views. With Jupiter and Mercury exchanging between the sixth and the ninth houses, we can expect a lot of ideological battles during the Trump presidency.

The moon is in the 7th house, showing a “populist” message and that he will try to appeal to the masses. We can already see how he does this / bypassing the conventional media through the use of Social media and Twitter. He may wind up being surprisingly more popular than many believe. He may also get boggled down in gossip and the shallow end of the “Libra Pool” – and disperse his authority through the constant tit-for-tat personal feuding. The Moon in Swati has that potential to scatter and waste energy.

Overall, it is concerning to me that so many planets are in very late or very early degrees. After thousands of chart readings and close to 15 years of research I have seen these placements to show a lot of instability and volatility. When someone has multiple/many planets sandhi like this. When one is the chart ruler (in this case, Mars) and the other is the 10th house ruler (Saturn) it can show a person not meeting their responsibilities or duties with clarity.

There are already many reports/complaints of the new administration “not being ready. It has been noteworthy to witness some (if not most) of his cabinet picks. Most are highly unqualified, have never held jobs in the agency they will lead, are totally antagonistic toward what the agency does, etc.

On a more positive or neutral note, such a weakened Mars, is rendered somewhat toothless. So the power (Or perhaps desire) to harm becomes less. The ruling planet in the 12th house also can show deceitfulness and secrets.

Trump Update and Video Prediction

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